Wednesday, December 13, 2006

We Shot Jr x The Party (Friday an ting)

WeShotJr was the first big music blog to pop up in Dallas. Now by music blog I'm really saying "Local Music" blog. GVB was already running full steam when WeShotJr started posting but the WeShot platform was much more DALLAS MUSIC. The WeShotJr thing started small in 2006 when nobody in Dallas was really paying attention to blogs or online music writers. Now, Stoned Ranger and Defensive Listening are without a doubt the most read music writers in DFW. They changed the game, and that's a fact.

This Friday they will be throwing their first event EVER and needless to say, IT'S GONNA BE FUCKING NUTS.... These guys have never done an event, or anything close to it, so this is guaranteed to be LARGE.

FAUX FOX, CHIEF DEATH RAGE, KRISPEE ONES, and THE GREAT TYRANT are the bands on the bill. All these groups are crazed, doors open at 7pm and we'll be in the building till they kick us out. There's a small cover charge, but we're balling so that's jokes anyways. FREE KEG OF SHINER for all those attending so drink up. Probably wanna bring some mini bar whiskey joints anyway, just to have 'em.

The whole thing is hosted by our girl Flo$$y and The Party's on the decks all night so you already know..... CB

We Shot Jr PROJECTION 2 (AKA Christmas Formal, Holla...)
Friday Dec, 15th
@ Art Prostitute
2919 Commerce St
Dallas Texas


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"but we're balling so that's jokes anyways"

So Full Of Shit.


10:17 PM  

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