Tuesday, March 20, 2007


For more than a few reasons, SXSW was a little crazy this year, pushing into overwhelming actually. Tons of new music, sounds, styles, and players meeting up in one spot. Alot of people getting to know each other for the first time. Of course CB was in out in full swagger (come on...), mashing up the spots, up rooting baby trees ($elect), and generally causing a ruckus.

I got into Austin late Thurs. night, linked up with Klassen & Mel, and rolled to the Burlesque Design showcase with Smalltown Djs nicing up the party. Truth be told, the bar was about to close when we showed up but we were rolling so deep they had to reup on some things. It turned into an nice little party, and a good start to the weekend (also no cops...). Not for nothing, The Smalltown boys killed it on the party rock tip...stay tuned for a guest Dallas appearance in the near future.

Next stop Amtrak station for a trackside renegade party. When we showed up the Pack had just gone on, the dudes were all on top of somebody's car rocking the party. When I rolled they had just finished tossing our CB photographer Fashion Josh off of the car for maybe the second or third time??? Yeah...This was probably the craziest shows I saw all weekend.

Friday $elect and I rocked sets at the Hot Freaks blogger show, put together by GvB, My Old Kentucky Blog, Chromewaves, Large Hearted Boy, Rock Insider, and You Ain't No Picasso. The Mohawk was a dope venue, perfect set up for the show. Big shout out to Gorilla Vs Bear the Mohawk staff and all of the other Blogs that showed us love. Friday night was the night of the IHeartComix party... which boasted the most insane line up of SXSW, if you ask me. I was really looking forward to checking out most of the acts on the bill. The Federation played first in the Mad Decent room and KILLED it Hyphy style!

Next up was our girl Roxy (fire). Well, she got about halfway through her 2nd song and in come the cops.... Austin 911 stopped the music and things kinda went downhill from there. Franki Chan came out from the back and announced that there was a "new" pemit that the city of Austin required them to have, probably called a "suitcasefullofmoney", and guess what.... They didn't have it. Needless to say, party over, on to Swoll...

Our dude Mel and Prince Klassen had the Swoll party already bumping just accross the way. The I Heart Comix shut down caused a nice little overflow of heads sraight to Swoll. This party was nuts people! Probably the highlight of the weekend. Everyone was in the house. The Cool Kids and Flosstradamus were killing it when we arrived. Then The Rub got on and murdered it, the place was on meltdown... Spankrock was in the place, Smalltown, Sour Grapes, Roxy, Queen Majesty, Motive 807, The Party.... NUTSO!

The second day of Hot Freaks was even better than the first..more people, more love for djs and more breakfast burritos. Don't want say the burritos were the best part of the show, but, wow... After we were done we packed up and prepaired for the evening. Rolled to the Canadian party for a while to check out Thunderheist, My Gay Husband, Scratch Bastard and Smalltown. Then we interluded for a quick trip to the Vice party, only to arrive and find out one of the walls at their venue collapsed...vice don't? Soooo, back to the Canadian joint and guess what, johnny law pulls the plug two songs into Smalltowns's set. F#@k the police!

Here's what it looked like.... SXSW 07



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