Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Stephen R and tings...

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So if you know TheParty's Dallas M.O. then you know that Stephen R is our fucking guy. Dude is forever in the mix and always on some wild out fresh shit. As a dj, he's gonna play that shit that WE can't get away with AND make it nice, as a party goer, he's the guy in the middle of the crowd making that shit jump off!!! Dude's murked out disappearing act is also official AND he rolls with fly chicks, so long story short, we like him.

That being said, Stephen has a new remix of Spankrocks "Bump" that's kinda fire... Check our guy on Stephen R vs SpankRock Mix He also takes it underwater at the end.... Lighters Up!!!! Check our guy...


If youre feeling sexy, The Party jumps of in Denton on some wednesday night sweat-a-thon shit.
If youre in 940 this should be a good warm up for this Friday @ Zubar....

TheParty w/ DJ Nature
@ Rubber Gloves
411 E. Sycamore
Denton, TX
$2 you call its ALL NIGHT
FREE for 21 and up
$3 dolla holla if your developing....
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Blogger stephen r. said...

Thanks for the boost! The Central Booking Click just can't be beat.....

9:20 PM  
Blogger samax said...

i been incognitus (para no tengo dinero!), but i just got pizaid!
i'll be out,

10:55 AM  

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