Friday, March 02, 2007

Real Talk!

Aight CB readers, it's Friday, it's payday and I'm off work early so it's time get it gully. Here's a few bangers for the club parking lot this weekend.

Hell Rell - On My Block
Everybody's talkin' noise like the Diplomats is over, but ain't tryin' to hear none of that, just Hell Rell's "Streets Wanna Know" disc in my deck. Production..quality (dunno by who) and Hell's flow over the beat is just so mean.

Young Cash - Walk Like A G Talk Like A G
Ran across this on MySpace the other day, kinda wack but I'm 'bout the hook. "For them haters!". Goes hard all day and keeps bangin' in the club that night, drinks in the air like. Production is average for a southern demo but the novelty factor keeps it heated.

Clipse - Where You Been (feat. Jay-Z)
VA is my home away from home, and how this tune isn't blarin' off every corner and out every trunk still eludes me. Malice and Pusha destroying the meanest boom-boom-clap ever produced with Jigga on the hook?! Seriously the beat just rides, it's been my ringtone for about 3 months now. So many quotes in the song I'm not even gonna try. Play loud, play proud.

Chamillionaire - Not A Criminal (feat. Kelis)
In case you ain't reup'd on it already, 'cause everyone I play it for hasn't heard it yet. New Chamillionaire single. Kelis fans don't get too excited, all she does is back up the hook (weak). Production by Stylaz Fuego (dudes from Australia!?), crazy, but it does sound hella like "Ridin'". No word from Weird Al on the remix though.

Lost Boyz - Lifestyles of the Rich and Shameless
Straight from cop killa' Queens, you got this one. My man did the entire thing front to back the other day and it brought this track back hard. No explanation needed.

New En La Calle soon! Promise!



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