Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Real Talk 3

Yes indeed, severe thunderstorms aside summer is shaping up nice, be on the lookout for a hectic season. Got some new and old heat for this round, and also large shouts to my girls Kecia & Felicia for holding me down on this post!

Crime Mob - Shine 'Cause I Grind
New Crime Mob is in the streets with this BANGIN' single that's finally hitting the radio. Screwed verses are the new trend in production and this one is the anthem. Nevermind Luda's verse on Glamorous, if you ain't got no money then it's high time to get back on top of your game.

Kool G Rap - First Ni**a (feat. DJ Premier)
So like two years ago I'm just John Brown'n it, king-of-the-suburbs at this What-a-burger a couple blocks over from my house. This dude's at the table next to me when a James Brown song comes over the radio, so I start trying to mimic the king as best as possible and dude turns over to me and is like "wow, you know a lot about music huh?" So we get to talkin' and turns out he's one of Kool G Rap's homies. No lie. This track dropped around the turn of the century and was one of the Genius' last releases on Rawkus Records. Production by Preemo..doin' as only he can, diggin' deep for the old school sample on the hook. Knowledge.

Street Runnaz Click - Jig Wit It
This has been my jam for the past few months now, serious almost got into a couple car wrecks cause I be jiggin' wit it in the car. Snap music is still doing big things on home turf in Georgia. Catch me at the right time and I might even show you the dance to go with this one...

DSR - Air Jordans
Had to break you off with the screwed version of this one, already. If you haven't been keeping up with the DSR mixtapes then head on down to Big T and grab what you can 'cause the home team is killin' it on this one. Jeezy's "Air Forces" beat gets run all over by the whole click, check the come-up before the blow-up so you can start saying I told you so. And also cause this 'bout to be my theme song once my Air Jordan 1's arrive in the mail this week...

Ludacris - Ultimate Satisfaction (feat. Field Mob)
Luda & fellow DTP'ers Field Mob put everyone's favorite feeling on blast, another one of those "shoulda-been-the-single" joints 'cause I'm betting you couldn't get past "Money Maker", right? All 3 drop some of the coldest lines over a beat produced by Rich Skillz that could shame even Lil' Jon, never though I'd hear a Benny Benassi sample flipped that hard. Mick Jagger eat your heart out.



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Those luda and crime mob joints are nice...thanks a lot!

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