Thursday, August 23, 2007

Real Talk 6: You know your boy did that...

Yo, with the summer coming to a close it's gettin' real hectic; 50 vs. the whole game (seemingly), still no word from Cam'ron, new Common is already the year's MUST cop. The winter season is gonna be bringing plenty of heat though. It's been a minute so let's get into it...

Swizz Beatz - You Know Your Boy Did That
Now I been waitin' on this album for a minute, just for this track alone, Check the YouTube jumpoff here. Ever since I caught that video I've been flippin' over the beat, it's the hardest track on the album and it's not even produced by the man himself. A producer under the moniker "Snags" comes with a roaring synth line and pounding drums that'll destroy your aftermarket 6x9's in no time. So serious.

Big L - Da Graveyard (feat. Lord Finesse, Microphone Nut, Jay-Z, Party Arty & Y.U.)
DESTRUCTION. Ran across a copy of "The Big Picture" at a record shop this wekeend and it hasn't left the car since. Every time this comes in iTunes I gotta laugh 'cause it doesn't get ANY better. Everybody drops enough one liners to fill an entire album, but it's a toss up between L and Jay, who hasn't gotten as lyrical since.

Jim Jones - Looking At The Game (feat. Stack Bundles & Lil' Wayne)
Not quite ready to bet this is gonna be the next "We Fly High" but the tune is BIG. BIG BIG. Big drum hits, big synth line, ridiculous hook, even whistles to boot. Jones gettin' more lyrical, Stacks manages to stand out among the other two, and Wayne spaces out exactly like you'd expect. Koch is lookin' like anything but a "graveyard"...

50 Cent - Part Time Lover
...which brings us to (and you knew it had to happen) 50. Apologies for the radio rip, and you can think whatever you want, but he WILL outsell Kanye come September 11th, no doubt. 50's always managed a pretty decent diss track (Puffy) and this one doesn't disappoint. Bump this in the car and the chorus'll have you curb checkin' all over the place. Can't knock dude this time around, "I Get Money" IS the hottest track of the summer.

Antipop Consortium - Verses
We'll pull a quick classic out of the crate from one of the groups who's split I regret most. APC came from totally different angles on production and lyrics and a still managed to make it all flow. One of the most innovate groups to come out of New York.



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