Friday, February 08, 2008

Real Talk 9: Gettin' Some...

We're back, we're back! Wintertime is bringing a little slowdown to the music game, I'm counting on SXSW to bring some new flavor to the table. Despite the general lull, the mixtape game continues to surge forward, so this week's flavors are a pick and choose of that variety...

Kanye West - Calling (feat. John Legend)(Stackhouse Recordings Mix)
'Ye's shine may be dimming for a minute, but credit goes three ways here. Our main man gets his due, but I always have to give props to John Legend as a dude who really holds down the piano and has played relevant records since he was just a name in the credits. Additional consideration goes to Stackhouse for laying all this over the instrumental that saved modern hip-hop (Clipse bias, but you knew that right?).

Shawnna - Gettin' Some (Remix)
I totally love the idea of these all-out ridiculous remixes that feature, like, everyone who is even remotely "in the game". It's like a having a really good riddim and having everyone's verse in one fell swoop. Total genius, but it also helps when the song in question is a total banger. This track is old news, and Shawnna may well never have another relevant hit, but this joint WILL live on forever. Best verse - Bussa Bus, right out the gate.

Lil' Wayne & Scorsese - Top Billin' 07
Although this track fails to live up to what the name promises, points given here for attempt. Scorsese isn't exactly a breath of fresh air but I like his approach to the instrumental. Hopefully we'll see Wayne attack the original track in the not-so-distant future.

Clipse & Blockwork - Vaginia
Okay we get it, yup, yeah you too. If you double take at the title, that's only because it's spelled phonetically. Brooklyn's own Blockwork teams up with Clipse to deliver a solid tape with some real bangers. I could go on, but ya'll already down my opinions on this one.

Pharrell - Drop It Like It's Hot Remix (feat. Snoop Dogg & Jay-Z)
Continuing on in VA style, when I saw "Pharrell The Original", I had doubts. There's a number of slopply assembled blends out there and this didn't sound super promising, but the joint is actually chock-full of Neptuney goodness. Although the original is hard to top, this darker vibe breaks off with some serious verses from all 3, especially seeing Pharrell in one of his tighter flows. Sounds good to me.

Don't forget to check us at The Loft tonight!

P.S. - This is the 250th post on CB, definitely worth an air horn or two...



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