Monday, August 25, 2008

When they form like Voltron, The GZA's the head.

This Labor day weekend is looking real real nice to say the least. The Party at Zubar on Friday, The Party in Houston with Faux Fox on Saturday, Nuh Linga with Nature and Playboy at Zubar on Sunday, and Monday....

Monday... This one's kinda real... The GZA w/ Sober @ The Loft. Liquid Swords Tour!!!! Wu! Tang! Wu! Tang! Wu! Tang! I shouldn't need to remind you what the fuck THAT album was about... This may be the end of The Loft as we know it.

Off course we got some tickets laying around for this one. Two sets of two in fact. Sooooo if you want free tickets to see The GZA blow the lid offa Dallas shoot us an email at and use the words "Gimme them GZA tickets" or "The God" in the subject.

Who loves ya.

Shadow Boxing X 4th Chamber... good lord....



Blogger samax said...

diversify yo bonds, nigga...

4:18 PM  

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