Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Well, It's been a minute since we heard from my man Q-Tip. All I have got to say is that what music once was, will be back real soon. Get ready, strap in and get a fresh cut. I'm not one that usually picks up albums, I don't really listen to them. I mostly buy what I'm going to play out in the club. I made a special trip to DALLAS'S ONLY THRIVING RECORD SPOT...GOOD RECORDS and picked up this wonderful album. Go grab it!

If you happen to be living in NYC and your free on a Friday, please make sure you head over to SANTOS. RICH MEDINA AND QTIP dj upstairs and Dj Gravy holds it down in the basement. ALSO, WATCH THE ELECTION TONIGHT. WE ARE MAKING HISTORY! OBAMA!




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Blogger Craye-Z said...

bro, that Move track is RAW, that beat is OLD though, that is on the Dilla Beat Tapes 1-3, shit is RAW.

www.youtube.com/alldaylong I actually used it on my daughter's video.

8:30 PM  

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