Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Taxi Fare Vol 3. Best of Dancehall 2008

TAXI FARE Vol. 3 Best of Dancehall 2008 is uploaded and ready for download. 2008 was such a big year for Dancehall music. So many huge tunes, huge moments. From Usain Bolt's 9.68 seconds to Mavado and Cocoa Tea's hair raising Barack Obama anthems... Jamaica was on fire last year!!

I really tried to bring the excitement of this past year's music and events to the mix, covering all the the big tunes like Sweep, Nuh Linga, So Special, No Games, 100 Stab... Tunes that at their own particular point in time were literally the hottest joints in the dance. I definitely want to say thank you to everyone that came out and supported Taxi Fare over the last year and a half. There's NOTHING else like it in Dallas and it has been pure pleasure playing this music for you every week.

Tonight's Taxi Fare will be the official CD release party. I'll have a limited run of physical copies with full artwork for sale at the spot. These are gonna go FAST so make sure to hit me early to lock a real deal copy. Digital download it here...

DJ NATURE :: TAXI FARE VOL.3 Best of Dancehall 2008



Blogger T-Luv said...

I can't wait to get home so I can download dis!

11:31 AM  
Blogger Emily said...

I was late to the races on this one, but I'm loving it now, this is gonna loop this summer.

I threw it up on A Better Roni, hope thats cool!

cheers from Emily and

1:06 PM  

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