Thursday, May 03, 2007

Style Centre

Yesterday we had a chance to swing by and check out the newest edition to Mockingbird Station, Centre looks to be a breath of fresh air for Dallas in the style department. They were still pulling stock from the back room and getting the store dialed in but what we saw was impresive. We suggest you swing through and peep it out before you settle on that outfit for Friday night.

Centre stands as an experimental fusion of aesthetics with a concept sure to send the retail experience on a new course. Now open, Centre specializes in sourcing and mixing the best in young designer labels and contemporary street fashions: a marriage of luxurious extremes. With a well-edited assortment of compelling footwear, clothing, timepieces, eyewear as well as independent books and music, Centre’s buying rationale relies on instinct and a desire to expand the palette of consumers. “We are a concept born not of necessity, but of an enthusiasm for finding those rare pieces that convey a sense of exploration and lifestyle in a sophisticated, yet subtle manner,” says Centre’s Phillip Sterling.

The boutique is proud to present an eclectic range of vendors for Spring 2007, including WESC, Maharishi MHI, b.Son, Puma, Imperial Denim, Alex and Chloe, Converse, EFU by Richard Kidd, GONZ, Cassette Homme, Bing Bang, Le Magnifique, Tom Ford, Suemi, Evil Genius, Nooka and many more. The apparel will stand alongside an ever changing array of books and music targeted towards the globally and design-minded consumer. Centre is located within Mockingbird Station at 5331 Mockingbird Lane ( NE corner of Mockingbird and Central Expressway. )

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