Monday, October 29, 2007


YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I'm back kids. All I have to say is "ain't nobody fucking with nyc" hahaha If you don't know all ready I was in NYC this past week with my man Thanh. The city was crazy especially seeing that CMJ was just this past week. So you all ready know the city was just on some ill shit. Man from drinking beers in coffee cups and being rolled up on by under cover cops to almost coping a ticket laying my feet out on the train. The craziest shit had to been when this dude jumped on this cab in front of club 205 on chrystie st. No but seriously we were at the Cool Kids show and this dude jumps on a cab in front of the spot. Next thing you know he is trying to run everybody over....then this lady gets in the way ....they spit in her car....she comes back with a bat...they steal the bat...she pulls out her badge? She was a cop????? SHIT WAS CRAZY!

All my dj gigs were super cool. Klassen put me on the hotel gig with him the first night we were in town. Literally there were pools in the middle of the dance/seating area. Nobody there but these types of places don't really care? Still got that money for them expensive ass drinks all week!

The Sweatshop Labor dudes know how to throw parties! My man Lucas and Johnsville showed us a fucking great time. I played with them at Home Sweet Home in the Lower E Side. Then was invited to play at this house party in Greenpoint Brooklyn, yo that was a fucking house party. The Sweatshop Labor guys you might not have heard of yet but trust me these guys are bout to blow. There whole crew was dope...The Bangers, Lauren Flax, and you all ready know PURPLE CRUSH!

Yo Roxy had me on at Sway on Monday night with Jaceyoh from Brooklyn. Shit was hella fun all night and my man Jaceyo is a cool ass dude! The week before was Pase Rocks birthday party with Klassen. I heard that shit was bananas. But big ups to Roxy for having me through!

Oh shit, my dude Morsy had me up for his Good Foot night in Park slope BK. That night was so much fun. First we get there its around 11ish, and Sujino was just playing bk hiphop for this girls bday party. What a fucking dirty garbage just classic hiphop from broooooooooklyn!!! Shouts out to Sujino for throwing it down. I went on after the kid and blazed it. Started with some classic dancehall tunes and crowd went nuts. This girl threw it down at the end to..jess jubilee.

And last but not least my girl June D had me on for a musebox party for CMJ. Crowd was mostly into the groups...can't remember them right now but the party was a lot of fun.

Yo big ups to everyone that showed me love while I was up there. All the crews I ran with were super dope.

Thanh , Johnsville , Lucas Walters , Sweatshop Labor , The Bangers , Morsy , sujihno, Neil Nice , June D,VYLE, Mano Millionaire, Hollywood Holt, Cool Kids, Klever, Craze, Chris @ Anything, ANYTHING, fuck supreme,prince mfkin klasse, Dave Cove @ Frank 151, Ezra aka Kingdom.



Blogger Sweatshop Labor NYC said...

We will be seeing you soon. Much love. You killed it. hope you enjoyed that house party.

Sweatshop Labor NYC

7:32 AM  
Blogger CulturaFina said...

BK house party was a wild night!

7:20 AM  

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