Thursday, November 15, 2007

Get 'Em High... June D and Queen Majesty @ The Loft. Tiger Beat ting.

So if you haven't heard by now, this Saturday is poppin FOR REAL. We got a little Fall edition of "Hand's Up" this Saturday @ The Loft and best believe we're doing it real big.

On the main stage we rocking with Brooklyn's finest, June D. If you're up on your NY shit, then you know about Studio B, and you also know that our girl's FUN parties are KILLING shit right now. Add that to her Saturday weekly at Lotus, and the likkle one off stunting sessions in the city... Real shit. She's also featured in this months Paper Magazine (Daft Punk cover) in thier photo essay "They Come Out At Night". Son... This is that real real Brooklyn fly shit. We're trying to tell you.

THEEEEN, on the balcony... Son... You know we got Queen Majesty. That's Deadly Dragon Sound NYC. If you missed the Queen Maj interview we ran a couple months back you can check it here. Everything good I have to say about this woman I've already said. Acouple times. We're gonna be holding down the balcony on that strictly reggae vibe. When she missed her flight to Dallas acouple months back I was like, "Yo, don't even stress this. We're gonna get you down here. You'll see." CB turn around time? Quick.

Cherries on top??? We got em. How about give aways from our friends at Collective and Four Duos, AND we'll be showing the PREMIER of the FOUR DUOS "Best of Dallas" Montage. YO. The HOUSTON shit is still on our site. Scroll down and just LOOK at it. Sick. Siiiiick.

New York is in the building. This is Central Booking. IT'S THE FUCKING PARTY!!!!!!!!

Hands Up w/ June D and Queen Majesty (NYC)
Saturday Nov. 17th @ The Loft
1135 S. Lamar
Dallas TX
$5 BEFORE 11pm.
Get there EARLY!!!!


Blogger EuRoTrAsh said...

Studio B pwns, been there atleast 50 times. Can't wait for this show

4:48 AM  

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