Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Wu Tang is the truth, and most of you dudes either have a Wu tattoo on your arm or owned many Wu-wear tshirts and shit. If you were like me you probably begged for cash as a kid or lifted the fuckin tape from a music store. 36 chambers easily has to be one of my favorite albums of all time. Come on...what else could sum up the east coast hype of the mid 90s? The east coast (nyc) always put out TONS of quality music for years. Wu Tang basically would be the group to not only brand the east's sounds, but also be the first group to really market themselves in a way different than everyone else had at the time. I just had some Wu on my mind and had to get this new song over to everyone. Now to clear up the rumors of beef between Ghostface and Rza? What I heard was that Rza moved the release date of the Clans album "8 Diagrams" to December 11th and not the 4th which is Ghostface's release "Big Doe Rehab". Mos def go pick up both the albums.

Here is a low quality version of "Bring It Back" the first single from the new album. Make sure you download the real quality version from Itunes or something.




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