Thursday, November 29, 2007

Real Talk 8: It's about that time...

What up readers?! Been a minute as always but don't sweat it. We've been having too much fun with our parties lately, and we got some serious business comin' up, old school heads be on the lookout. This time around I got some low key joints to make it through the winter, we'll be posting up a few more to keep you going. Peep game...

Lil' Flip - Sunshine
So in case you still aren't convinced that Flip is seriously on top of the rap game, let's switch gears from the club and chill out for a minute. Flip's flow is nice and slow over a beat that goes down sweeter than syrup, ya dig? And don't forget dude's YouTube game either.

Schooly D - Gucci Time
So I posted that Jim Jones tune a minute ago that flipped this beat hard, but the original is real hard to beat. Caught it again on one of the XM hip hop stations and made me wonder why I don't play it more. Such a weird beat, really spacey but knocks plenty hard.

Timbaland & Magoo - We At It Again
As much as I love Shock Value, Timbaland missed the mark on a few jams, considering past efforts like this gem right here. Although the beat is a little unpolished, the lyrics in this one jam alone trump almost everything on Shock Value. Candy store to the coffee shop, witness...

Craig Mack - Flavor In Ya Ear (Bad Boy Remix)
With Diddy's jump off on the Forbes 123 remix, gotta bring back some classic Bad Boy effort. Nothing more, nothing less. This IS the whole game. Learn.

Too Short - This My One (feat. E-40)
Fresh on the circuit, America's pimp is back (BIIIIIIIIITCH!) with 40 water (NEVER SLIPPIN). Seriously low-key hyphy beat lets both dudes get seriously technical with the flow. Throw it up and act wild.

And don't forget we're linking up with the Hot Flash! crew to turn it out one more time tonight. Call it an early Christmas.

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