Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Yo! What up loyal Central Booking readers? You may have noticed this new square looking publication spring up around town lately, it's called Tribeza. Starting out in Austin, Tribeza first dropped in March of 2001 and brought a new level of exposure to the finer things in life. Expanding on to Dallas and Houston, they've been well received and are growing exponentially. Although it may look a little intimidating, think of Tribeza as the Barney's to say, Envy's Urban Outfitters. Don't be afraid to look around.

This month is extra special however, because the good folks in the Dallas chapter of Tribeza have decided to shed some light on The Party. There's a little interview and a bit of background, but it's worth a peek for the excellent photography alone. And did I mention Tribeza is a FREE publication? You'll recognize our fellow partner-in-crime Brian Gibb on the cover, with an excellent feature on The Public Trust, as well as some photography by the talented Matt Hawthorne.



Blogger destory & rebuild said...

central booking reader here...
thx for putting me onto hawthorne
dope flics

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