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So if you're in the Dirty D this weekend then you already know the Melodica Festival is taking over Expo Park for 2 big big nights of music. The line up looks like a phonebook so I'm not even gonna really try and break it down to you. You'll see the fliers. However, Friday is the night that you'll find the Central Booking team mixing it up with our friends from Dub Assembly, and Hot Flash, long side Philly playboy, Dev 79. It all goes down at Minc Lounge this Friday.

We hit up Dev 79 this past week to see what was new and our guy broke us off with 2 new tracks for the CB readers, one of which is a Central Booking exclusive (yeah bitches), as well as a quick run down on what releases to look out for, what blunt wraps to buy, an his inability to distinguish Wild Turkey from Goose. Dev's in the building this Friday at Minc. Read about it...

Tell the people who you are and what it is that you do.
Me, I'm seven nine, I put street bass in ya face, I get drunk n fuck bitches, sometimes I yell and break shit.

Philly born and raised?
I was born in the east coast gambling mecca of Atlantic city, NJ but I
grew up in the Philly suburbs.

Did you get into the production & dj game at the same time? Did one come before the other?
I been producing 13+ years or sumthin. Dj'ing for probably like 7 years. For a couple years I had been focusing more on dj'ing I guess. Now its comin full circle and I'm producing a lot more. I think a good even symbiosis between the two make for the best overall skills and output.

Who all do you roll with? Crew affiliates?
I been holdin down Seclusiasis since day one. Doin the club n party thing plus radio, amongst various other endeavors. Me n Starkbeezy keep the ship rockin alongside a crew of talented Philly dj's/producers/promoters. We are also really pushin the label output side of things for Seclusiasis, with the street bass stuff and bd1982's ep already buzzin...And the next wave of stuff on deck is gonna be fire for sure. Myself, Starkey, and El Carnicero also headed up Slit Jockey records a few years back and we gots lots more in store for that label as well.

What do you have in the works? Is there a possibility we could see another volume of Street Bass Anthems?
Yessssssss sir! "Street Bass Anthems Volume 3" is right around the corner. We were hoping for it to already be out but had some last minute hold ups. The delay is only making the tape that much hotter. Fer real. There's some serious heat on this joint. There's gonna be a slew of remix action from me and others... I did an exclusive track with Bezel of The Dipset, El Carnicero did an exclusive track with Cee Knowledge of Digable Planets, Starkey's "Crank dat Batman Remix" has been makin people nuts, Cobra Krames laced me with an excluisve club cut "Philly Pistol Banger" and Plastic Little's producer Michael Squid tweaked out an "Ay Baby Bay Remix" and fuck... There's more, but I don't wanna give away the whole tracklist yet. Just trust me, when this thing drops, bitches will be wet and guys gonna be jockin.

After that my ep on Slit Jockey records should be out real soon. For that I did a remix of Warrior Queen and El Carnicero's "Next Kingdom" and a remix of my Snapper Riddim (originally featuring Riko of Roll Deep from the Slit Jockey mixtape), this time out featuring Seattle dancehall MC DJ Collage, who's been featured on tracks by Ghislain Poirer, Dj/ Rupture, Meat Beat Manifesto, and more. There will be a couple other cuts on that too.

Some other stuff is in the pipeline too... Few official remixes I'm working for people and some other shit... We'll see... 08 is gonna be fire tho... I can feel it...

What is something has really hyped you up over the last year? Music or non music related.
Some non music related thoughts...

Doing drugs off of girl's asses was one of my favorite forms of recreation this past year... I was pretty into that for a while. But I'm kinda over it now, but every once in a while it's still fun.

As far as blunts, vanilla 'games' were a major discovery for me a few years ago and I hadn't really strayed to any other 'game' flavors until a few months ago and now I think honey 'games' have usurped vanilla's place in my heart.

Black mac books are quite possibly the sexiest mac's yet.

I've recently lost the ability to decide what my favorite alcoholic beverage is... It's kinda depressing. Similiar to jawns and music styles, there are just so many types out there, how can I limit myself...

As far as music...

Trill ent. outta Baton Rouge has been my shit this year... Lil Boosie has really been keeping my interest, he's got so much character and I really think Webbie is a postive role model for the youth, as evidenced with his display of excellent spelling skills, so prominently in many of his verses. The "wipe me down" remix was really inspirational and pretty much defined spring 07 for me. I'm really excited to see what song is gonna be the pinnacle of my spring 08. Bassline house was an exciting developement in uk dance music over the past year and things are poised to get sicker in 08, so I'm def pushing to see what can happen with that movement. On the dancehall front I continue to feel Voicemail's output... Def one of my favorite singjays. All the bleeding and crossover between genres and styles, especially in urban music... is really exciting. Strict lines and clique-y bullshit doesn't advance creativity or keep things fresh. I like being excited about music and I like making other people excited about music.

If you wouldn't mind, run down a current playlist for us. What is dev 79 bumping?
Shit man, a lot of stuff... Hmmm off the top of my head,

Trina ft. Killer Mike - Look Back at Me
a lot of Mannie Fresh stuff lately (miami bass days to current)
Wideboys ft. Sarah Aaville -What Your Thinking (up norf dutty mix)
Chris Brown ft. T-pain - Kiss Kiss (dexplicit remix)
B.O.B. ft. Amy Winehouse - Grip Yo Body
A.C. Slater's Samo TI remix
Pitbull ft. Lil Jon - The Anthem
Jtj productions - One Thing To Say
Traxamillion ft. San Quinn, Big Rich, Boo Banga - SF Anthem
Gucci Man - Bird Flu
bunch of Crookers stuff

Have you been to Texas before? If so, tell us a bit about that.
Nah I never been to Texas before. Always been kinda leery of it, actually, hahaa.

Favorite Houston rappers?
Probably the Grit Boys...but I don't know theres so many... Lil Keke, Geto Boys, Chamillionaire, etc.

Shout outs, smack talk, etc...
Eating a bangin dinner with a bangin girl makes the food that much better... But eating a shitty dinner with a bangin girl does not make the food better... How can that be?

Anyway, Dallas girls I need to take photos of ya'll for the inside cover of my new mixtape... So get yerselves all prettied up for me.

DEV 79 :: Ebony Eyez vs. Will.I.Am. - Drop A Minute

DEV 79 :: Shawty Lo/Timeblind Blend CB exclusive


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