Monday, May 12, 2008

Wolf In Teens Clothing

So, I'm sure you have seen the newest Hands Up flyer floating around the internet. Our guest this month is Teenage Wolf, coming live and direct from the Valley. This dude and his Cul N Sweet collective have been doing their thing for almost 4 years, throwing crazy parties, running the Tejano Bounce blog and pushing boundries with their music and art. We sat down for a little Q&A with the wolf man, or young wolf man (it's so hard to resist), and this what he had to say about The Valley, music, art, and the like. Dust off your letter jackets Dallas because the Teenage Wolf is about to set it on you!

Tell us a bit about yourself.
Well I am 21. I have been messing around with music and making music since I was about 15 but I fell in love with it at an even earlier age. My dad has a fucking huge collection of jazz records that are pretty much engraved in my brain for life. I also have an older brother who got me into punk, hip hop and house at like 10 or 11 years old. From that point it has been a pretty natural progression in my tastes of music. I love all sorts of shit and don't discriminate against any type of music.

What is the Valley like? Describe that whole scene.
The Valley is a really great place. With the beach and mexico being so close, it's a real tight place to chill out ! A large percentage of the people here speak that is really cool. As far as nightlife is concerned, I can't lie this place is a few years behind in terms of current club music and so on, but its getting better!

I hear the parties in Mexico are really nuts! What is that all
about? Who is making major noise in Monterrey?

Yes the parties in mexico are amazing! Seriously, we need to step our game up over here in the states. I would have to say the people who are making major noise in Monterrey right now would have to be our good friends in the art collective MIAU. They throw pretty much the best party's over there and are a super talented group of photographers, artists and djs. Check them out right here!


Let us know about CulNSweet. How long has that been going? Who
all reps the crew?

Culnsweet has been going on for about 3 or 4 years We were all best friends at first just basically doing our own music/art. About 2 years ago we started throwing the first Culnsweet shows out of Dj Marrio Barrios Garage/House and real shitty cracked out hotels in Mcallen. It was a lot of fun but we knew we wanted to expand from there and do bigger shows with more artists that we love and so on. Culnsweet then expanded to Austin sometime last year with Dj Orion joining our group! The awesome people that support Culnsweet would have to be Lucia, Jessica, Cory, Jose, Tron, Charlie, Guppy, Jamal, Cait, Mat, Jorydyne, Fern, Gaby, Cheeks, Jordyne and tons of other great people.

How long have you guys been doing the Tejano Bounce blog?
Well tejano bounce started off originally as just but we wanted to go bigger and better! We started it last year on Christmas day and we have gotten really good feedback from tons of people... and sometimes the amount of downloads we get on our tracks freaks us out! Who are all you people?!?! We want to know! haha.

What projects do you currently have in the works?
As far as Culnsweet projects so far we have coming up launching our own online radio show for mexico with RadioGlobal. We are working on a Podcast For Vicious pop Digital that will be out by the end of may. We just finished a new mini mix for Austin based magazine BleachOnline. We plan on throwing amazing shows all over Austin, Monterrey, Dallas and NY (Cmj)! Plus I am planning on remixing Tummy Toast & The new Dj yay yay tracks that are being resealed through Vicious pop Digital during the summer. I am also working on some original production for some labels that I cant name yet ;]

+++ Culnsweet Vol 3 !!!

What are your current top 5 tracks?
This is actually an easy question!

fake blood- mars
pnau -baby ( ashton shuffle remix)
riva starr-la conga
voodoo chilli- street player
zombie disco squad- vie

Shout outs, smack talk, predictions.
Shout outs to CulnSweet, Dj Spin laden, Dj Marrio Barrio, The Skeleton, Dj yayay, Dj Orion, Jessica!, L.S.Dipset, Happy Sucky, Shiny kid, Mat Crossman, Tummy Toast, Famousish blog, Fern & Pony, Totally Wreck, HypeHeads, Juiceboxxx, Dre Skull, Acid Man!!, Lucia la Tejano!, Prince Klassen, Central Booking!, The Party, Dj Nature, Dj Sober, Dj Select, MIAU!! Da Cheeks & Gaby, RadioGlobal, Vicious Digital Pop, Tejanobounce, Bleachonline, Dan M, Stdjs,, Jess Jubilee, Trash Menagerie and everyone that came out to the Culnsweet partys during SXSW! (Club Oriente)

shiny kid
hype headz
tummy toast
tejano bounce
Cul N Sweet Myspace

+++ everyone that has helped support Culnsweet in any way


Tracklist ::
marc houle - techno vocals
claude von stroke - are you afraid of detroit (tanner ross remix)
deadset - keep quiet
popof - alcoolic
worthy - copious
marshall jefferson - mushrooms (justin martin remix)
mowgli - mowgli comes to town
style of eye - the big kazoo
riva starr - jack my bell
santiago & bushido - head trick
larry te e- i luv u (the bulgarian remix)
geoff k - jack it up (heavy feet remix)



Blogger Doneski said...

CulNSweet + CMJ = The Apocalypse. I want to go.

11:03 PM  
Blogger $aul_[JPN]cakes said...

good interview alecks.


6:59 AM  
Blogger Tiffany Diane said...

Jordyne is on there twice!

12:32 AM  
Blogger Reign said...

That Marshall Jefferson remix (Mushrooms) is motherfucken fire.

Especially when it comes in on the heels of the previous tracks.

You fools just dont know....

10:19 PM  
Blogger Reign said...

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Blogger Keith said...

These dudes are doing that good shit. Impeccable taste in record selection.

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