Thursday, April 23, 2009

Top Notch :: Rehash Edition

Tonight my good friend High-C of Rehash will be joining me at my weekly, Top Notch. High-C has been putting out vinyl releases since 2001 and will have some 12" singles and 45's on hand tonight. If you want to see a highly skilled dj play a all vinyl set, swing through this evening. Dude kills it!

Taken from the Rehash site ::

Rehash is the production/DJ duo consisting of High-C and Wilson from Dallas, Texas. They're the two like-minded vinyl nerds who brought you the critically acclaimed "Last Part" b/w "Mind Under Matter" 45 in January of 2001. This effort constituted the first release on their privately owned and operated label RM-Sound which has since seen 3 more 7"s, two 12" EPs, as well as a 70 minute mix CD. Outside of RM-Sound, Rehash has been featured on a number of singles, compilations and DJ mixes over the years.



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