Thursday, November 16, 2006

En La Calle: We still got our warm up suits on...

AVISO!!! Yousendit was acting like a little bitch yesterday, not wanting to upload files, glitching 'em out, etc. Had to pull the mp3's I posted yesterday and repost 'em today... Looks like everything's back to normal now so enjoy yourself. This is what it looks like...

New fire from Lil Keke, the Kelis slowed and throwed, the Cheb Mami thing, Dipset, Cosmic Cat Nip, little sentimental rock joint to top it off... Here's the run down, tracks are on the ----->

First off the blocks is the joint from Cosmic Cat Nip. Dude You're Harshing My Mellow is produced by Shane English (of Cheif Death Rage), and Gray Gideon and is about as fresh as it gets... Shane's been bugging me about collaborating on some production stuff for awhile now and I just haven't had time. He gets a free afternoon and some gear, and does THIS in like a couple hours... Dear rich people, if you are reading this (ton's of drug dealers read this), buy this kid a laptop and put him to work... M M M Money in the bank. Haven't met Gray yet, but word is he did the synth programing and mixed the tune. It sounds great. Played it in the club like 3 times last night. Approval rating, guns.

Sooo WOW... Lil Keke is about to have the tune of the winter. Paul Wall on the track too??? This is a done deal. It wobbles right off the fucking street. Be the first to floss with this... Sober came hard with that one and then steps back and hits you with this new Jigga man tune "Trouble". Jay-Z gets Dre production on this one and well... it works.

The Party's A-town playboy Prince Klassen is back in the TX from his East Coast tour with the Spankrock kids. He picked up this Bossy joint on his way thru Houston. Slowed and Throwed by Big Body Click.

Dipset... JR Writer, Killa... THATS SELF-EXPLANATORY.

I've been getting twisted out by all this arabic stuff lately. Me and my guys from Ghetto Arc emailing tracks back and forth, digging around on youtube, etc. These are a couple of the crazier ones. Cheb Mami/Cheba Maria live on the radio over a Ricky Martin instrumental.... Yeah, dead serious. The sound quality on this one is total shit. DJ Mummy??? Also off the chart. Arabic Reggaeton. This is beyond next level.

Last cut for the week is one Klassen passed me, The Whitest Boy Alive will take the edge off of the the hammer style line up. Hablanos... -Nate


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