Thursday, November 09, 2006

4DUOS (texas skateboarding)

Check out our people over at 4DUOS These cats are supporting everything and everyone who is involved in the Texas skateboard scene.. the companies, riders, photographers, filmers, artists, shops and those who promote them. They are on the steady grind filming new footage and releasing a montly video montage consisting all of Tejas rippers. Check out the November Montage posted below featuring...Featuring Jeremy Holmes, Coady Merryman, Jonathan Sturgeon, Asher Feehan, Kolby Petrus, Byrd, James Cooke, Kyle Crittenden, Zack Smith, Franky Machuca, David Langston, Erik Ostos, Derek Simon, Chris Luhring, Brian Delatorre, Eric Croft, Scott Newton, Colin Moen, Dan McCarville, Shane Darnell, Jordan Scharnwebber, Jesse Grubbs, Josh Hurley, Aaron Baugh, Brian Rahn, Chris Goulet, Callan Cotten, Michael McKeown, Kechaud Johnson, Chima Ferguson, Ryan Holloway, Dolen Smith, Guru Khalsa, Shawn Franklin, Kyle Rhodes, Ryan Graham, Sean Greene, Brandon Boehm, Jake Nunn, Cody McEntire and Adam Taylor. Be sure and hit up 4DUOS on myspace. -SOBER Montage 1.4 November Texas Skateboarding


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