Wednesday, November 08, 2006

En La Calle 11: ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

Whoa... Kinda focused this week. Zubar jumps off this friday, going hard in the paint with this MIMA joint, got pitchfork on blast, Prince Klassen chopping heads on the east coast... CB is deep in the fucking building right now. Once again, a little late on the draw getting these next joints posted, but not mad about having ZERO time either...

The week in fire looks like this... (downloads to the right my friends)--->

Yeah, I know this is not some off the map shit, but who cares. This Shareefa joint out of control. Threw this on at this little spot the other day and this 18 dark skin chick was grinding in her seat. Wow. Can't front on that. Tune is killing right now.

"Blue Fish" is a joint my guy sent my a couple weeks back. Japanese Folk bird. Not sure this is really out yet, her google look is more or less non-existant. If you have the scoop on this song and or the artist, let us know. Definitely some odd ball shit for JP and certainly nice coming out of the stereo speakers this past week. Sachiko Kenonobu is working.

Next joint is one that Select brought to my attention this week. Haiti on Blast is a tune that Diplo dropped on a mixtape awhile back, and actually ended up being the Bside to the Ghetto Arc/Xl white label 45 of Bonjay's MAPS. This tune is actually much slower, but when you wanna kill with it, you put it on 45 like this.... Tough guy shit.

Staying in the Diplo camp, check this rework of Mary J's "Be Without You"... Bass synth and drum rolls are not playing.

Marit Bergman just got shamed on Pitchfork over this next tune... I'm mean, really, I'm not into people covering current radio tunes, it's just kinda cheap. The Alicia Keys "Crazy" version... No. BUT, this is not a written in stone rule and her cover of the JT tune doesn't reeeeallly suck. Add to this the fact the Pitchfork also slammed the original, saying the syths were wack, the track was herky-jerky, etc, and that JT wasn't really killing it makes me be like, well... Fuck em. I don't care what you say, "My Love" is a NAASSSTTTYY tune. One of the biggest of the year, and fucking hot to death. The synths kick ass. The drums, kick ass. JT murders it. Throw Vybz on there???? Fuck off... It's fire. Soooo that's that. Marit Bergman?? Well, whatever... Probably wouldn't fuck with it if it wasn't for the fact that our guy Klever (ATL) took her version and made a smoking ass remix of it. Good, to ehhh, to back to good. Welcome to the world we live in.

Rich Boy track is something out of the ordinary... The way they drop the track in and out is insane. "Rich Boy sellin........" Crazed. Another nail in the "underground hip hop" coffin.

This joint with E-40 is more of that bay area flavor. That's Sober on the hunt down...

Last on the list is a tune off of White Magic's first EP, "Through The Sun Door". The new LP just dropped and is getting alot of shine right now. The EP dropped in 2004 and it was truly that off the map breath of fresh air. One Note was the lead off track. Sweat 'em. -Nate


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hey nature - that mary j remix isn't diplo but brucker and sinden

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