Monday, March 05, 2007

Bigger Than The Sound

4duos goes hard with their latest montage installment. I just watched this one three times in a row, now I'm tempted dig my board out of the car trunk and put it to use. Pure Texas talant, give it up for these dudes...

Cody McEntire, James Cooke, Sean Reyna, Logan McInnis, Wesley Cheng, Carter Lewis, Flint Brewer, Blaine Hatten, Josh Williams, Jake Nunn, Jon Eric Palmer, Jonathan Lopez, Adam Taylor, David Langston, Ryan Holloway, Andrew Gallagher, Coady Merryman, Bobby Davis, Jonathan Perez, Justin Batson, Dolen Smith, Chris Luhring, Cam Barrett, Josh Johnson, Derek Simon.
Edited by Dieter Galvan.



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