Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tell your boyfriend you can't go see Spiderman on Sat...

The CB crew is about to drop it on ATX this weekend. We'll be setting it off at Wahoo's this Sat from 10-twoish. That's The Party entero mama... Prince Klassen, Nature, $elect, and Sober, goddam... It's gonna be crazed. I mean last time $elect was in Atown he uprooted a baby tree on the way out to the car, that's AFTER spraying beer all over Ayers and repeatedly threatening to "punch a cop". Have your designated driver situation sorted out....that's all I'm saying. Seriously. We're gonna burn that part of Austin down.

This is an 18+ party AND it's free so that'll leave you with plenty of drinking money and some cash for you to flash at those 19yr old birds. Plus Knoxy's gonna shoot the ting so you already know what it is. We're rolling with Motive807, Skatepark Of Austin, Four Duos and DVS. Officiallllllll.

Before this kicks off there's a manual contest at Skatepark Of Austin called Manny Mania. This is a nation-wide event sponsored by Redbull which means SOA will be on blast all day and you probably won't be able to go to sleep soooo. After party.....

can't ever get tired of this. manual king.

- Nate


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