Tuesday, May 15, 2007

808 kick drums make the girlies get dumb

Here are some bass music videos I found on youtube. Coming from San Antonio it seemed like there was a direct connection to Miami. I could not help but hear these tracks on the stereos from the cars every sunday night while we were cruising on sw military. I think about how young I was listening to so offensive music back then, but when you have an older brother and are constantly hanging with older kids you tend to pick up some of their habits. I wish I had this photo to show you of me and the 2 live crew hanging at an autograph session, but that is unfortunately going to have to be on another post. I must have been nine or ten when that photo was taken, but I remember being so pumped to meet the dudes. I realize that sir mix a lot is from seattle, but I wanted to show a wider spectrum of bass music other than the obvious dance tracks. booty clappers, cruising classic, and some comedic relief. Make sure to turn down your speakers if youre at work, this might offend some people.

splack pack - let me c ya work it (pandisc)

2 live crew - get it girl (luke records)

mc shy d - shake it (luke records)

freestyle - it's automatic (pandisc)

sir mix a lot - posses on broadway (american)

dj magic mike - drop the bass (pandisc)

the dogs - your mommas on crack rock

splack pack - shake that ass (pandisc)

fresh prince


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