Sunday, May 20, 2007

En La Calle 17: Still rainin' on all ya'll...


Selda - Yaz Gazeteci Yaz
Oh my god! I been listening for awhile now, and I can't get over how funky it is. This was reissued early this year on Finder Keepers. The label keeps putting out these nuggets of odd and super rare joints that I can't get enough of. Selda was one of the most outspoken folk artists in Turkey during her hay day, and though I don't know what she is saying, there is so much soul put into her playing and singing. I mean this is really on some Madlib where did you find that type shit!

Big Tuck feat. Bun B - Texas Takeova
Basically this is my theme and well, it should be yours too. I know the Dallas people know what this is all about, and I am sure that Houston heads are up for it cause my man Bun is on it... I just want to know when San Antonio and Austin are going to get their shine on. I mean, am I going to have to start rapping now? Anyway, this is on some G Funk ish with a Texas twist. One of the many summer jams about to come out from the CB boys, just watch.

Tracey Thorn - Raise The Roof
the last track on the album and she calls it Raise The Roof, how down is this girl? She not only gave us some of the most catchy 90's house hits ever, but now manages to get down on some D train style tracks with Ewan Pearson and makes me happy all over again. This not only mixes with, but reminds me so much of SOS band "Just Be Good To Me". 80's done the right way, eff all that hipster stuff. I mean haven't you noticed that dance rock is the new hardcore... or at least it seems like most Austin hardcore kids now want to make dance music. I don't get it, maybe I wasn't into the right hardcore.


Ron C - South Dallas Drop
This Gem here is off of Dallas's own Ron C's 1989 album "C" YA. This track is the one that stands out to me, for obvious reasons. Trendsetter was the 12" off of the album and a mini truck anthem at that. Check the track at around 2:07 for a little hood shout out "DFW" style. Someone please make up an official dance for this cut.

2 Live Crew - Throw The D
Carrying on in the BASS catagory, I had to put this one up. You can always count on 2 live crew for the ultimate jam to add to your mini truck playlist. After the South Dallas Drop, I could only wish that throw that D was some kind of secret Dallas hand signal but I think it means something else. We can all have hopes.

Wine-O - Hokey Pokey
Brand new heat from Wine-O. First he had everyone poppin' their trunk, now you best believe the Hokey Pokey will be the new dance look in the club. Put this track in rotation, figure out the official dance and let's do this on June 9th. "Do that Hokey Pokey"


Vega 4 - Traffic Jam (Styrafoamkid Remix)
Ya'll mighta' caught that Vega 4 track on Grey's Anatomy awhile back but this remix is the real deal. Rolling bass and 808s, action-packed for the dance floor so you can slay the aforementioned hardcore/dance punk kids.

Skream - Losing Control
Dubstep's wunderkid at it again. If you know anything about dubstep you know this is gold and I don't have to explain anything. Skreamizm Vol. 3 is hot off the presses and this track pops it off with the massive steppa's rhythm. Easy nah rudebwoy, ya'll just wait. We're gonna be killing it with the rave soon...

Delta 5 - Mind Your Own Business (Krames Re-Edit)
Now I'm telling you. We here at CB are working tirelessly on Krames' Dallas debut. Sweat this hard, do not sleep. Dude kills it with every remix, and here he offers up an expert re-edit of Leeds' post-punk darlings Delta 5. You wanna know what dance rock bands are trying to sound like? It's this right here, and tailor-made for the dance floor at that. What's it we always say around here? Oh yeah, "please believe me."



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sob there is a dance for the south dallas drop. Take a trip down MLK and I'm sure someone can help u out. Oh yeah, if you mention Ron C, you gotta big up Nemesis, too. Drop Oak Cliff (or Oak Cliff 89 of the Priority jawn), and represent yo HOOD


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