Thursday, June 07, 2007

Real Talk 6: Them Haters Don't Like That!

All apologies for letting this thing slip last week, the whole Central Booking crew are bouncing off the walls right now we're so busy! But it is payday Friday so let's get right.

Always with our ears to the streets, New Orleans has had it's own club-oriented genre for some time with Bounce music. Think of a sort-of southern juke, nasty lyrics, raw production that hits harder than 90% of the current "hot shit", it's all here. Even Beyonce is starting to get on board. Like Baltimore Club, a lot is recycled from a core of original samples but, as we know, poverty can be the door to invention, and if you've ever visited the NO, or caught Hurricane Katrina on the 10PM news, you'll know the city acts of it's own accord.

10th Ward Buck - Always Be My Baby
Mariah Carey flip on the track, 10th ward stand up!

Unknown Artist - I Ain't Have Sex In A Long Time
Check the introduction sample, although it probably wasn't what Wyclef had in mind, the Fugees sample kills it on this track. Holler back when the vocal hits!

DJ Jubilee - Walk It Like A Dog
DJ Jubilee is one of the better known artists in the Bounce scene, Klassen dropped a Jubilee tune last weekend at The Party in Austin and it totally destroyed, sucks if you slept on it. Here, Jubilee dumps a whole track of shout outs, running through more popular dance moves than should be necessary for one party. Step your YouTube game up.

Unknown Artist - What's Your FEMA Number?
The freestyle/mixtape game is tight, and although my mp3 is uncredited, whoever did this is way too crafty. The D4L beat provides a platform to let out a bit of frustration, New Orleans holds it's own in that no other city can flip a tragic experience into a club tune.

John Legend - Get Higher (Bounce Mix)
One of the better commercial remixes I've found, sticking mainly to the original theme of the song with the Bounce drums underneath. Guaranteed winner.

And don't forget to check out $ELECT & SOB3R on the decks tonight from 8PM to 12PM at Urbano. Good food, good tunes, what's not to like?

Urbano Paninoteca
2533 McKinney @ McKinney Ave. & Routh St.



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