Wednesday, September 19, 2007

TAXI FARE 9/19: Bad From Mi Born

Thanks to everyone that rolled thru Zubar last week for the first Taxi Fare. Had alot of really good responce, which makes the kid wanna dig even deeper into vaults this week.

Don't forget to get your little Red Stripes poppin, this week we got 'em for $3 dollas all night long!!!! Yeah. Wednesday's the new Thursday with that shit.

Several people hit me over the week saying that they we're digging the riddim blogging and the little preview of the night so we're gonna keep it going. Here's this weeks toughest tunes....

Munga - Bad From Mi Born
I got a rough copy of this a couple months ago, but it was mis-labeled so it took me some work to finally get the low down on this one. My guy DeBECK from NYC's Deadly Dragon Sound slipped a copy of the 7" into the hands of one of my good friends on their last trip to the city. This is THE tune right now. It's hand's down the biggest tune of the night. Anywhere. Tune is on the Sativa Riddim, and it's sharing the spotlight (really kinda hogging it though) with the huge Vybz tune "Floating By". I was chopping it up with Shakira from Palm Beach the other day and asked her about the tune. She started pounding on the bar.... Huge. On some FYI shit, the video I posted is a mix, starts with "Flipping Rhymes" on the Higher Altitude Riddim and then at the half way point jumps into Bad From Mi Born. That's 2 for 1.

Munga - Take My Place
TOUGH TUNE!!!!!! Munga smashes this. Dirty South mucho hi-hats type beat, G'd out vocoder hook. I remember calling one of my dudes from South Dallas about the time "Tear The Fucking Club Up" dropped and he was telling me that they had banned it in alot of spots cause people were actually tearing the fucking club up. This comes off something like that. Munga in kinda owning the ting right now.

Yami Bolo - When A Man's In Love
It's like you ain't playing reggae if you're not fucking this tune. This is on the way way classic Stalag Riddim, along side big tunes from Sister Nancy, Shabba, General Echo, Super Beagle, Tenor Saw, and more or less half of Reggae's ruling class. This even get's bonus points for being sampled by Mad Lion for the 90's classic "Take It Easy". They took probably the sweetest soul type version, and flipped it into an internation street anthem. Click it, put it on blast.

Richie Spice - Brown Skin
I really can't say enough good things about this tune. This is like some straight Keith Sweat shit right here. You can pretty much count on sealing the deal when you pop this in the deck. BIG BIG BIG lovers rock tune from Richie Spice on the Heavenly Riddim. Addictive. Super addictive.

Morgan Heritage - Brooklyn And Jamaica
If you've lived in Crown Heights you can stop reading here. If no, just know that the BK and Kingston are basicaly joined at the hip. Oh, and when the VP float hits Eastern Parkway, look the fuck out. This is a killa tune that put's that NYC/JA experience into words. It's on the Statement Riddim, which, let me tell you, has nothing but heat on it. Big tunes on Statement from Elephant w/ "Put Down The Gun", T.O.K's "Concience", and Sizzla's "I Wanna Know You". Even the Version got special treatment. Sooo good.

Rekha - No Guts
So, it doesn't get much tougher than the Bad Dog Riddim. And this tune is HARD ROCK. "Middle fingers to the enemy....." This riddim has nuff tough tunes, Mad Cobra's "AA", Movado on the riddim with "Don't Mess Around', but Rekha comes with this kinda pop approach that sort of smooths the tune out, but kinda makes it the hardest version at the same time... I'm gonna make yall sick of this song.

Dtown, you know what it is. Que vengas...



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