Monday, September 10, 2007

TAXI FARE: Dance inna Greenville

Got a new night that's gonna be poppin off Wednesdays at Zubar. I've been wanting to do a reggae night for awhiiiiiiile now. Just really an opportunity to play alot of these Crown Heights / JA tunes that i've been digging on at the house and collecting over the last few years. As has always been the case with reggae, the deeper I dig into it, the more addictive it becomes.

JA has ALWAYS been on some fly shit, fashion, music, vocab, film, and, truth be told, these last few years have been SOLID years for reggae. I mean artists alone, we've seen Gyptian, I Wayne, Damian Marley, Jah Cure, Collie Buddz, Alborosie, Turbulence all land huge records in NYC and London on 1 drop riddims (previously unheard of), and we've seen staples like Cham and Vegas make huge moves in bringing dancehall to commercial radio with tunes like Ghetto Story and Hot Fuk. Shit, London reggae staple Trojan Records even crawled out of the grave to give things another go around. JA is kinda hot right now. This night is definitely going to be some mid week shit to look forward to. There it is.

On some bonus shit, I put together a quick playlist of Jamaican tunes that I'm fucking with right now to give yall an idea of just how deep the menu is. ALL OF THE JOINTS ARE MURDER!!!!!! Click on the track names to for a link to download em.

Buju Banton - Driver
This is no doubt the biggest tune on the recently revised Taxi Riddim, and also an obvious inspiration for the name and direction of this night. "Driver" breaks down the taxi cab weed delivery game, in JA, and every other respectable hood around the world. Don't get it twisted, Taxi drivers move that shit!!!!!!! Buju paints a perfect picture with this one. Can't wait to hear this blasting out of one of those Ethiopian powered DFW cabs. Best belive the 7-11 dudes are getting hard copies of the next mixtape.

Capleton - Jah Protect Us (radioshow version)
So while trying to download the proper tune I came across this rip of a London radio show rocking the shit out of this joint. Just check how tough this comes off. Capleton is KILLING it, and then the radio Jock is all over the track hypeing the shit out of it. "Bootleggers EASE OFF..." WHAT!!!!!?? This show is the shit!!! He's calling out bootleggers and bigging up his boys live on the radio???!!! It gets no better than this. "BigBigBigBigBigBigBig".

Michigan and Smiley - Nice Up The Dance
Really hard to top this joint. This is CLASSIC Studio One Reggae. The lazer sounds, the tambourine, the fucking vocals, and then that hornline that just seals the deal. This tune, and the riddim (Real Rock), were the foundation for at least 50 other amazing tunes. Sick sick sick .

Mr. Vegas - Blood Stein
This is new from Mr Vegas on the Tremor Riddim. It's one of the those tunes that make you sort of wanna puke when you hear it loud for the first time. OFF-THE-FUCKING-HOOK!!!! Wouldn't be mad if somebody actually shot up the club when I drop this. Vegas murders this tune, the sick thing is that almost everything on this riddim is huge. This one though, goddam.

Alborosie - Rastafari Anthem
Alborosie is rolling preeetttty hard right now. Kingston Town is huge in the street and this dude just keeps flipping more fire based joints. Rastafari Anthem takes Collie Buddz "Come Around Riddim" and puts that real rasta mash on it. If you we're feeling Come Around, this is that next shit. "In a city poor people they get wise, you naw waan romp wit me again." TOUGH.

Mr. Vegas - Lean Wit It
This was the first tune I got on this riddim about 4 months back and I'm stiiillll fucking with it. Lean Wit It dropped about the same time as Hot Fuk, so it sort of stayed tucked away in the shadow of that tune. Vegas is murdering so many riddims right now. This is no exception.

Linval Thompson - All Night Long
Ease up baby ease up. Linval tells his girl to keep it down over this banging lovers track. Some odd sort of bell sound in the back just sort of takes this tune over the top. This is Linval produced with the Roots Radics band circa 1983. Incredible.

Beniton Da Menace - Shootout
So Sean Kingston is blowing up the place with his single Beautiful Girls. It's a fun tune and there's plenty more heat on this riddim. Tunes from Collie Buddz, Vybz, Sizzla. This joint was passed to me by my man $elect. You're gonna be hearing alot of this Beniton joint. Every time my guy plays this tune he does his old school tough guy dance right there in the DJ booth. Download it and rock it at the house, in the whip, etc. However, if he catches you playing this in the club, you're probably gonna catch fucking beat down cause he'll know you downloaded it off of here. Stay off his dick.

Mr. Vegas - Taxi Fare
Self Explanatory.

Wednesdays @ Zubar
2012 Greenville Ave.
Dallas, Texas



Blogger sarah said...

Hey man love all the riddim bloggin...right now im getting big into dancehall and all the new and old dances to learn....tremor riddim is amazing....try elephant man "drop dead"

i love it!!!.....gimme the add on myspace

oh BTW i saw you (was it you?) perform at the fish taco place here in austin a while friends with (was it you) played alot of my fav songs that night....

aka. b the beat

6:00 PM  
Blogger GSB said...

Yes! Thank you for the great tracks.... Wish I could make it to your party!

9:43 PM  
Blogger Erin-Lee said...

nice to see someone droppin' some roots on freenvilee

8:23 AM  
Blogger Erin-Lee said...

nice to see someone droppin some roots on greenville.

8:24 AM  
Blogger Central Booking said...

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1:12 PM  
Blogger Central Booking said...

at your service my friends.

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