Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lissa Monét. Canada's flyest hits Texas!!!

So if you've been kicking it with us for the last couple weeks then you already know. The CENTRAL BOOKING SATURDAY NIGHT SKATE JAM is gonna jump the fuck off this weekend!!!! It all goes down this Saturday at RedBird Skateland. It's a 90's affair so get your tightest 90's gear together and come out looking fresh. We're gonna have actual trophies for Best Dressed guy and gal. We'll ALSO have trophies for Red Light Green Light, Limbo, Wheel Barrow race, and Best Skater. GET YOUR SKATE GAME UP!!!!

Party starts at 11:30 and it goes till 3:30 in the morning. It's all ages, so no stress at the door. BYOB for the drinks. (seriously). This one's going down in the "all time best shit ever" list. Get ready.

And because a skating party by itself just wasn't quite crazy enough we went that extra mile and flew in our girl Lissa Monét to handle all the 90's cut selecting. Hit her up on myspace and say hello if you haven't already done so. Our girl is FLLLLLLLYYYYYYY and about to set it on Texas in a big way. She'll be in Austin this Friday rocking with Prince Klassen and Krames at the Beauty Bar before making her way to Dallas for Saturday's Skate Jam. Get with us Atown!

I caught up with her Thursday via AIM and we took a min to talk about life in Toronto, immigration, canopy beds, and whatever else came to mind. Here's how it went down...

Nature: Pow!

Lissa Monét: yow rude boi!! *giggle*

N: da rudest. trust. So what's the deal ma, you ready for this weekend?

LM: You dont even know... I've been dying to get out of the "cold" and hit up TX man!

N: Yo, we can deliver on some heat. 99 degrados 2 days ago...

LM: Shut the hell up. * re packing *

N: So give me the 1,2 1,2 on Lissa Monet. Where you from? How long you been doing your thing?

LM: I've been Djing since 2000, waaaay before serato, spending $600 on records every two weeks... I stopped for about a year and a half cause it all started catching up to me... I just recently got back into the game like a year ago. As for where I'm from, I was born and bread in the t-dot. It's my heart, but im dying to get out... Maybe TX will be my new home. * smile * I hear the BBQ is poppin...

N: You heard right. A Texas move though? It's a big state, but you look like a little baller so you already know....

LM: hahaha! Not ballin, but making wise fashion investments... Thats what I'd like to call it.

8:50 PM

LM: Hey yo! I'm gonna need more than just "I'm going to TX to DJ at two parties" to cross the border lol... We have to have some history. lolz I'm a tell them I dated Nature, Select AND Sober during High School... You were ALL my high school sweet hearts.

N: "The Party". They really gonna trip though?

LM: Nah. It's all good. I have immigration on lock. They know me well.

N: Yeah, I heard you be getting stopped at the border on the regular though... Something about a plant business..?

LM: * one eye brow up *

N: Online seed sales or something?

LM: LMAO!!! A lady never tells...

N: So you got any heaters pulled for Texas? What kind stuff can we expect from a Lissa Monet 90's set?

LM: I'm a 80s baby, which means I grew up on some late 90s jams. That's everything from Geto Boys to Amy Grant. What u want? You want to take it back to when Bad Boy ruled the radio? I got you.. You want some hammer pants New jack swing? I got you.

N: You KNOW we want that Hype Williams shit!!! New Jack too?!? All day with that.

LM: Yeah a got a little Bobby Brown, maybe some BBD...

N: Si... Keith?

LM: I want her... Get outta here. U are making me SO hype right now... Can the rollerskating party be tomorrow?

N: I'm saying. What's ticket prices like? Could be tonight...

LM: hahahah. Look who's ballin...

N: Truuuue...

LM: Word is y'all got TX on lock.

N: You know I can't say we got it on lock, even if i think that we do... People already calling me an ego maniac...

LM: Don't try that reverse psychology on me.

9:00 PM

LM: I googled u...

N: And it said we got it on lock?

LM: U got girls blogging about your parties and shit. That's love...

N: We do our thing. Texas is alot of fun right now. YO, you gonna hold me down on some Blue Jays gear?

LM: Damn! Why didnt u tell me sooner? I was just at the New Era store today.

N: Dammmmn! I'll have to scoop em in person then...

LM: Yeah!!!

N: When I move in to your place next week...

LM: LMAO! You dont want to move into my place... It's too girly.

N: What is it like a dormitory or something?

LM: I got a princess bed.

N: I'll bet.

LM: With a canopy and hello kitty shit all over the place and I keep the toilet seat down and everything.

N: Holy Shit.


N: So can you give me a little Lissa Monét current top 5? Just whatever you're really fucking with right now...

LM: Hmmm. Ok then i gotta run to the club lol.

9:05 PM

LM: 1. Grindmode - I'm so high
2. Santogold - You're a joke
3. Lil Wayne & Kanye - Lollipop [rmx]

N: This is good... 2 more?

LM: 4. Day 26 - Dont fight the feeling
5. Jay-Z - Aint I

N: Killa.

LM: I like to keep it well rounded.

N: I'm seeing that. Anybody you wanna shout out real quick? Thank yous?

QM: Man right now just Central Booking. I appreciate you guys putting me on.

N: Nah. You making us look shiny. Really.

LM: AWWWW. YOO, my manager wants to know where I am. I have to get to the club! Call me in like 10? I'll be in a cab.

N: Dun deal. Thanks for this.

LM: No thank you.

djlissamonet has gone offline.

Lissa Monét will be doing it extra big at Central Booking's SATURDAY NIGHT SKATE JAM this Saturday in Duncanville. If you miss this, there's just no excuse for you...

11:30PM - 3:30AM

- Nature


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