Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Party 2 year Anniversary: EXTRA FLY!!!

Believe it or not, it's been 2 years since The Party touched the road in Dallas. Take a good look at the "Fashion" sidebar on the right and you'll see just how many things have popped off since the first Zubar show in June of 2006. The numbers, I think there's about 80 events thrown, do alot of talking for themselves. It's been an intense ride.

If anything, the last two years have provided a constant string of pleasant surprises, from new music, to new venues, new friends and new ways of interacting with our respective cities. The Zubar monthly was, in many ways, the starting point for what has become something much larger. Amazing how things work out sometimes. Originally I was turned down by 4 or 5 venues when trying to find a home for The Party. If we weren't playing house or hip hop "nobody wanted it". I had to practically beg Zubar to let us try it. 2 years, 80 parties, and 3 cities later....

Soooooo. THIS FRIDAY, also know as TOMORROW, marks the 2 year Anniversary of The Party @ Zubar. I'm sure you've heard, but if for some reason you haven't... WE ARE PULLING ALL THE STOPS FOR THIS ONE!!! TOMORROW NIGHT WE ARE SHUTTING DOWN GREENVILLE AVE!!!! SHUTTING IT THE FUCK DOWN!!!

This is a FORMAL event, complete with the searchlight, red carpet walkway, Hollywood style red carpet photos provided by Kiddrae254. That means your photo looks are gonna be SPOT ON HOT. And you gotta know G-Squared's gonna be poppin off those CLASSIC party shots all night long so GET YOUR RED CARPET LOOK TOGETHER!!!!!!! We're asking everyone to come looking SHARP!! We know everyone will have their own individual style and twist to this theme, so I think it goes without saying that this is going to be a WILD ASS NIGHT!!!

I'm telling you right now, GET THERE EARLY. We even wrapped up a $2 REDSTRIPE special from 10-11pm that should help you start the night off right. After 11:30, you already know. Line out the door. For real.

So look. It's Friday. It's The Party. Nature, Select, and Sober. It's hosted by Picnic. G-Squared on the photos. Kiddrae on the photos. We got the red carpet. We doing it very fucking Hollywood. It's The fucking Party.



Blogger annie said...

check! <3 you guys!

10:51 PM  
Blogger Michael Corleone said...

Photo is nice!

10:35 AM  

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