Friday, June 06, 2008

Born In A Small Town

I met Pete about two years ago when he was down for the uber white fest we like to call, Austin City Limits festival. Our good friend, Dj Mel, had booked him for an after party that I was supposed to play at as well and well I didn't make it cause of... lets say "stomach cramps". We stayed in touch ever since and now I can call dude a really good friend and homie. If you have ever been able to catch a Smalltown set, I highly recommend it. I have never seen a dj duo play off of each other so well! Both Mikey and Pete share an amazing taste in music and are the downright funniest guys to hang out with. I challenged them to a game of Double Dribble, so stay tuned for the Youtube video. I can also happily say that Smalltown had a major part in connecting me and my special someone. If there is ever a wedding, you know who the djs will be!!!

If you didn't know already, the homies Smalltown Djs are joining us at Beauty Bar this evening. Sooo, if you live in Austin and you like to dance...there is no excuse to miss this one. Sober's driving down and we will be warming it up on 4 tables before our dudes Pete & Mike go on and straight murder it! If you have seen these guys do their thing before, you know they don't disapoint, if you haven't get ready to become a believer. Austin, Beauty Bar...

It goes down!

Tell us who you are. Names, where you from, background stuff.
Pete Emes & Mike Grimes - both from Calgary, Canada

How long have you two been working under the name Smalltown Djs? Where did that come from?
Smalltown started in 2000 - when we did our first mixtape. It was called Emes & Grimes are Smalltown DJs. It's a reference to the fact that despite being a city of over a million - our scene was still real small town back then. As well as the fact that compared to the real big cities of the world - Calgary was and still is a small town.

I know whenever we get to kick it, you guys seem to be really close friends. Do you guys have any funny stories or fights that you can tell us about?
We have too many stories - one of my favorites is when Grimes had to come out from behind the decks to bounce two unruly dudes at once. He had them both by the scruff of the neck at the same time! They were terrified. But we're just out to consistently have the best time possible.

Tell us about Canada and how things are going for you guys.
Canada is great! We have alot going on right now. We have a bunch of fun festival gigs this summer. And we're throwing a bunch of parties that we are really excited about, as well as some fun sudio projects. This fall we are doing a European tour. So that should be outrageous. We just wrapped up our Vegas residency - we were there every Friday for 9 months, and that took alot out of us so we're stoked to be back to reality.

Are you working on any new projects right now?
Yeah we have some production stuff under way with Wax Romeo (called Smalltown Romeo) - and a new CD called "Th Road Trip Mix" which we just finishing.

I know you have released vinyl in the past. I was wondering if you were plan on doing anything like that again. Do you think that vinyl is a dying format thanks to digital releases and heavy internet influence?
Our first vinyl record came out in 2003 - and we are still doing it. Although I think that the role of vinyl has changed. It used to be the best way to get your music into the clubs. Now that is not the case. So you just have to adapt. And vinyl has become more of a novelty to be honest. I think labels like Ed Banger have the right idea when promoting their records - with picture sleeves of So-Me's artwork etc. Although I still have my record collection, and can't see myself selling it - vinyl sales are definitely not what they once were.

What are some influences that got you where you are?
Well my dad was always a huge music fan - so it's in my blood. As far as artists go early on for me it was Run DMC, Big Daddy Kane and the Beastie Boys. The Beasties hit home because as a white kid from Canada I would never have thought I could be a dj until they came along. But we are both so heavily into music that we find new influences every day - and that's what inspires you to create.

Top five tracks right now?
in no particular order...

Blind - Hercules & Love Affair
Don't Touch Me - Busta Rhymes
Mars - Fake Blood
Les Artistes (XXXchange Mix) - Santogold
Hi Hater - Maino

Last, feel free to talk any shit or send shout outs or whatever.
Thanks so much for having us on here!

Oh yeah, I challenged Dj Sega to a game of Double Dribble on my old Nintendo. I am sending the invitation to you both. BRING IT!

You're dead. But can we play Blades of Steel?



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