Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sega :: Live And Direct From Philly

Whats good people? Things have been really hectic as of late but its all for the good! As you know the roller skating party went off, Smalltown Djs killed it at Beauty Bar, and The Party is going stronger than ever. This week we have an interview with none other than the kid sensation himself, Sega, coming all the way live from Philly. Dude has been making loads of noise over the last year on the internet and on actual wax (how many people can say that these days?). Luckily we worked it out to bring my man down and do his thing. I strongly suggest going out and buy his split release he did with our dude Blaqstarr a few months back, Hollertronix Vol. 8, as well as get to the Beauty Bar (ATX) this Friday cause my man is going to bring the heavy heavy heat!

Who are you? tell us your dj name and what you do.
I go by many names that were given to me...Some people call me "The Black Knight" But most call me "DJ Sega".

Where do you reside?
I'm from Philly. Home of all underdogs in the industry. It seems like Philly is overlooked as far as talent is concerned. But we have madd talent here in Philly. We have some of the best rap, hip hop, soul, and r&b artists that could ever be on a mic. But most of them are underground. You've got to come to Philly and grab some mixtapes.

Tell us how you got started and who you roll with. How did you get involved with Diplo and Mad Decent?
I was always kind of a collector of music my whole life because my dad's a DJ. He's the type of DJ that plays classical soul, old school rap, funk, etc. So, I have an older mindset for the music I listened to. My mom's also a music lover. She spoiled me with Teddy Riley produced tracks, maxi-singles of borderline hip hop/house and Classical Soul music. Eventually I grew up and heard DJs producing what I remember as "Megamix" songs, i.e. Fatman Scoop, DJ Kool, Crooklyn Clan, and the Baltimore Club Kingz. This all inspired me to make music of my own to listen to. It was a hobby. It felt therapeutic. But then my friends would listen to my tracks and start pushing me to do more. I started rolling with a close friend, who did most of the pushing, Angel aka Captain Dirt Dirt. Eventually I linked up with DJ Dee Square who had me producing tracks and mixtapes that had all the kids going crazy. I kept on networking until I found my Manager, Dirty South Joe. He was always helping Diplo out on little ideas. All of us linking up was obviously a REAL GOOD idea. I now do production with Diplo under Mad Decent, as well as from my label through Mad Decent "Ol' Head Records"

What is the difference between Philly Club and Baltimore Club?
Baltimore Club is club music made strictly for the club...some horns, breaks, and more of the recent ones contain a lot of lil john samples. Philly Club, while greatly inspired by Baltimore Club, has a different groove to the music. Philly Club is like the type of remixes that could appear on a maxi-single. It has no limits to genre. I've done remixes of some rock music to show anybody who likes Da Shop Boyz "Party Like A Rockstar" how to REALLY party like a ROCKSTAR!!! Check out my snocap on the myspace page.

What are working on at the moment?
I'm doing official remixes through Mad Decent. I can't really say much, but I'm working with "Truth AD" on a remix for one of their commercials. Be on the look out for that. I'm working with a few artists: Mz. Streamz, Rye Rye, Blaqstarr, It's definitely goin down!!!
I have some plans already as far as my own releases. I have some of my music untagged and unmixed available through Snocap. I've released my "Rockstars VS Clubheadz" mixtape through Flaming Hots and Hollertronix 8 is an collabo release with Blaqstarr through Diplo.I already have an idea for some future EP and CD releases.

Tell us a little about Philly and scene there.
Like I said, there is a lot of talent here. We have a lot of rappers who are quick with metaphors and punchlines. I know of one for sure that's a ghostwriter for industry rappers. He knows he's the king of Philly because the streets call him the king of Philly. That's like the DJs in Philly too. There's a lotta DJs claiming there number one in whatever they play, whether it be hip hop, reggae or what they call club music here in philly, "Party Music" but at the end of the day it's the streets that call you what you are seen as. So everybody's battling everybody else. I never had to battle because I have nothing to prove. I do what I do, it's just so happens people like it.

I couldnt help but notice the interesting samples you chose on the Hollertronix vol 8 joint, mostly the Papa Roach sample. Are you influenced by rock music or was that something you did special for the release?
Well like I said, that was around the time everybody wanted to be on some rockstar shit. I used to listen to everything growing up, including all kinds of rock music. When I was in middle and some high school, I used to vent by listening to some heavy metal. About 6 years later the "rockstar" image came back in style. Everybody wanted to either dress like nerds or rockstarz. I kinda felt insulted...half these people aren't nerds and don't party like "rockstarz". The "rockstar" style is not just about the clothes you wear. It's a mindset thing. It's about the energy you have to give to others. I wanted my music to hit real people with the rockstar mindset. It's kind of a way to expose the fools, fakes, and the real people on some real rockstar shit.

Where does the name Sega come from? Where you a huge Sonic fan back in the day?
I was a huge fan of video games, not just Sega games. Shit, I love playing mario 3. My godbrother actually started calling me that, once in a blue because I always wanted the cheat codes to the original Mortal Kombat on Genesis. It kinda stuck with me.

Speaking of games, I just got the old school Double Dribble for my Nintendo. We should have a one on one game and post a video about that shit.
I remember that game, but it doesn't compare to NBA JAM. Grab that, then holla at me. Oh yea, I'm not a very bug fan of regulation video games; i.e. madden, live. If I'm playing a video game I wanna see some outrageous shit that people can't really do, like a triple alley oop with crazy flips or some shit. NBA JAM that's my shit!!!!



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