Sunday, September 07, 2008


Here's a new track Mr. PASE ROCK just put out with KOORI GIRLS.

Press release on the project ::

We’ve been working with volunteers in Australia to provide an outlet / resource / music education center for underpriveledged and indiginous youth in Australia. Between offering a space for kids to come and learn dj’ing and production technics, Heaps Decent has been linking them up with established artists for workshops, recording and the possibility of an international release - such as this track.

“Koori Girls” features the 16 and 17 year old King Sisters (Heather and Janey), produced by Spank Rock’s Chris Devlin (aka Chris Rockswell) and featuring vocals from Pase Rock. The King Sisters are two of the girls who came in to Heaps Decent studio for workshops, and “Koori” is another term for indigenous or aboriginal, with more of a spiritual identification. 100% of the proceeds from these releases go directly back into the Heaps Decent initiative - look out for upcoming collaborations from M.I.A., Radioclit, Diplo and more.

In addition to this and the previous Heaps Decent release, “Smash A Kangaroo” (produced by Diplo), Australia’s Parklife Festival is also donating a portion of ticket sales to Heaps Decent.




Blogger Prince Klassen said...

Dont leave out guest production credits from Ghostdad!!! What up GhostDad?!?!?!

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