Monday, August 28, 2006

New En La Calle: That's Self Explanatory...

This week's heaters are up and ready to go. Downloads to your right ladies... Sober put us up on this Mickey Avalon joint, kinda crazy. The Beanie tune has been in the street for a second and its a certified BIG TUNE. Had to come back with that T-Pain flip too. Boots is an official THEPARTY Remix featuring Gnar-los. This time around Gnar-los tells us how to squeeze the juice out of those barely legal SMU accounting majors. Listen up. The Topknotch joint is a vinyl only MIA colab that didn't really get a proper look until now. Promo only goodness. And in the closing slot you get a "holy shit, are you serious" joint. This tune is featured in Nature's The African Game Mixtape. It's a soca type dancefloor fucking BANGER with some hand clap shit that's out of this world. It's car horn ready and guaranteed to put the Trini chicks on steam. That's some us to you promise shit.

Lot's of flavor little things coming up. Me and Select are heading out to Houston this weekend to do some shows for Ecko Unltd. That's gonna be madness. Sober's gonna be in mix with Prince William and Big Pharaoh this Friday at the Cavern, little loft jump off on .... It's crazy right now.


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