Friday, October 20, 2006

En La Calle 9: Diane Cluck (over and over)

Gonna try and be short and sweet here. I'm near death, and I really wanna take a nap so I can go skate later on.

Diane Cluck was something that I lucked into last summer in NYC. This tune came out on a comp that Bianca from Coco Rosie put together for her label. This and the other Diane Cluck tune, A Real Good Time, were the flat out gems on the comp. It's no secret I'm not feeling the whole Devandra new folk whatever scene (know I'm not supposed to say that), and I guess this kinda falls into that section to the record store but really... This is unreal. Sound quality can only be described as FUCKED UP. So fresh though. I got to see her at an Other Music instore a few months after I started getting twisted off her tunes. Live was out of control. Not backing down on this, ever. I guess her website is down??? Check her myspace and try and buy these records... Countless Times is the last one I picked up and it's pretty much that. Will clog up your recently played section.

Cobrastlye is a tune that dropped about a year ago, it was a dope tune until the cats started doing some Black Eyed Peas shit on the hook and took it to that place that noone ever wants to find themselves. It was like, "yeah, yeah, this is, ohhhhhhh fuck." Diplo drops the cornball hook and adds some synth bass. Not mad at this.

Been spending alot of time at this Lebanese hood spot recently. Dope food, music's on blast and nothing but Arabs in the joint. Amazing. The owner hit me off with this tune off of a mixtape he was playing. I'll get back to you on WHO it is, but right now just see me on WHAT it is. They even cut in crowd noise and jump back and forth from what sounds like a parking lot Peavy PA version of the tune. This is the best thing ever.

Select passed me these Ronnie Darko remixes... Nice stuff here. The 4 Season are sounding kinda fresh in a bpm locked look.

Last but not least, my man New Wave Or The Truth passed this one last night. Blend is on kill with this. I promise an all reggae En La Calle next week. There's too much fire in the street right now. Check my guy NWOTT's myspace, he's posting flavor reedits on the regular. -Nate


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