Monday, October 09, 2006

Prince Klassen: hot cause he's fly

I met Prince Klassen earlier this year on one of my weekend Austin trips. I usually try NOT to step into Waterloo Records when I'm in A-Town. I have mixed feelings about the store and in the end it's just gonna mean less snack money on the ride back to Dallas. Honestly, I used to spend a ton of money in that joint being that Dallas was never really a good place to shop for vinyl. Illmatic records is long gone, Good Records at the time was hit or miss, and Bill's is tons of records but you have to deal with Bill staring at your cock while he makes up fake prices... Considering these options, Austin was like, amazing. This time however I pretty much figured they weren't gonna have shit I wanted on vinyl. This was back in Febuary of this year and I was hunting for some of that B-more shit... Hip as you wanna think they are, in Austin Texas last Febuary, mutherfuckers were drawing a blank.

After like the fourth confused clerk (couldn't say bmore, had to be like BALTI-MORE HOUSE MUSIC) one of the Waterloo Clerks directed me to the kid with the glasses... "If anyone in the store knows what you're talking about it'll be Chris... Ask him..." Sure enough, he knew.

Prince Klassen is currently setting Austin on fucking fire!!! He has a Friday night weekly at The Beauty Bar and holds down the Saturday night slot at The Whiskey Bar on 5th. I was in Austin back in July to play a Friday night show and decided to stay an extra day to guest with Klassen at his Whiskey Bar night. In Fucking Sane...

Klassen was not only an amazing DJ, skills/programing wise, the guy's music selection was next level... I rocked a little 80's RnB set, he jumps into Bojangles and MIA. I hit the Bhangra records, he steps up with Timbo, Vybz, Uffie, you name it. We finished off the night going record for record for like the last 20 mins... Klassen killed it!!!! It was a blast. We ended up sitting around the bar drinking free beers, and chatting on some music shit for a good hour or so after Whiskey had closed it's doors. As corny and hippy hollywood as Austin can be, it's nice to know that this dude is carving out some fly shit.

He's already hosted Spankrock, Oxy Cottontail, and Titsworth, and just started a monthly with our guy Mel that focuses on alot of the new uptempo stuff that's really bubbling right now. This night is gonna be HUGE for Austin. Dude's also about to be on some zone coasting playboy shit djing with the Spankrock kids in Philly later this year... hot.

This Friday (TheParty Monthly @ Zubar) will be the first time Prince Klassen plays the 214 and it's pretty much guaranteed to be insane. I'm predicting indoor fireworks show. I'll have some more back story on this guy later this week plus some Prince Klassen mp3s an ting. For now, just know that the mutherfucker's fly, he's gonna be in the building on Friday, and we're going to burn Zubar to the ground. No more Zubar after friday, it's gonna look like that theater across the street. Perdida total. -Nate
Oxy Cottontail in Austin...
and wow...


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Shit is gonna be nuts. Nature is a great skateboarder as well as a Dj.

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