Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sober goes to the Modern (and other true stories)

So The Modern's doing some late night partying now a days. I'm not saying it's art up front and slots and moonshine in the back but it could be a nice spot to scoop up the 19yr old art school chicks. Just talk about how much you loved the Royal Tenenbaums and maybe drop some Project Runway names (google some) and they'll never know what hit 'em.

Sober will be lighting the path along with The Octopus Project, Stumptone and Dove Hunter... Let the wine tasting begin... Here's the Official line up.

Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth presents
Modern ‘til Midnight: Mark Time at the Modern

October 20, 6 pm–midnight
Admission is $10; free for Modern members

8:30 pm–Stumptone

9:30 pm–Dove Hunter

10:30 pm–Octopus Project

They got Sober nicing up the balcony/terrace look... Holla. -CB


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