Wednesday, October 11, 2006

En La Calle 8: Weekend Love

Ok ok ok ok... Lot's of crazy joints this week and on an odd ball note... no reggae this time. Yeah, disturbing right? Fuck it though cause lazers and gunshots are next weeks focus so hold tight.

Getting down to the bizness at hand, these are the new joints for the week (download links on the right). As most of you know, these songs are only up for 7 days so don't come crying to us later when you friends are flossing and you're still fucking with !!! and shit.

First tune is that "we had to" thing. Lot's of talk about the new jigga man tune and for a good reason. It's BANGIN!!!! Just Blaze is on kill with this. Straight to Ipod no brainer thing.

Next joint, the MIMS, has been stuck in my head all week. Select hit me off with this a few days back and it's been on hit since i got it. You'll see what I mean. It sounds even better when you're surrounded by corny mutherfuckers (which for some reason seems to be unavoidable in the 940). This tune is for anyone who has to deal with people who drink soy lattes...

NEW M.I.A.!!!!! Cat's have kinda been holding their breaths to see what this womans gonna come with next. Not sure this is even gonna be on her new record, but it's some at least some new material to tide ya over. Heard there was a freestyle of her on singing over the Tell Me When To Go beat. Also heard it was kinda lame... Anyone??? Gotta like this woman, she shook up the game and THAT'S everything.
Also scooped up this new Lady Sov... It's pretty "hey i'm on def jam", but for some laid back shit, it's nice. Probably gonna run a likkle thing on her before she touches dallas later next month.

Everybody who reads this blog knows we love us some Dipset. In fact, we kinda distrust people who don't like it, or at least we think they're suckers. Weekend Love is a new joint from Cam and as you will soon see, it's another perfect score for the Dips. I mean really yall, does it get any better than this? Weekend Love??? That's self expanatory. New Jim Jones... Holla.

Select's kinda been on his grind with the tunes lately... He hit me with this Iko Iko mash up over my beat of beats, Pitbull's "Bojangles". I'm not a mash up fan at all, but this shit is kinda fun. Sober slid me this Glass Candy cut a couple weeks back so I'd figured I'd run em together... Iko Iko and Iko Iko, get it??? Oh well. Glass Candy's been killing the last couple times they've been to RGRS so really can't be mad at those guys.

Last joint is a song that Shane from The Undoing of David Wright put me up on. Crash Kingdom is one of the groups that our guy Prince Klassen used to produce. Crash Kingdom has been out of commision for a couple years now, but you can still check the tunes on their old myspace. Pretty dope. As you probably know, Prince Klassen will be guesting with us at The Party this friday at Zubar. Check the article below for the 411. It's real right now. -CB


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