Wednesday, September 20, 2006

En La Calle 5: Vybz Kartel and ting

So I'm not gonna get too deep on you this week, cause there's plenty of other shit poppin. These are the new joints for the taking. For those that just tuned in, En La Calle songs (look to the right of this post for the links..) are up for a week and then they're gone, only to be replaced by newer, faster, stronger tunes. But for now, we're co-signing on these joints...

Somehow Vybz Kartel ended up with 2 tunes on the scoreboard. Vybz is usually more hit than miss and both of these joints are straight bangers!!! The Redbull & Guiness Riddim is on blaze in the street right now, check out Select's Mixtape The Party Vol 4 "She's A Receiver" for the Movado tune on this riddim. He has it titled "The Party" on his profile. This riddim is sooo killing right now. Other Vybz is a flip on the Justin Timberlake tune "My Love", which I... can't get sick of??? Sorry yall, the synth is nutball, drums are out of control, and I'm not even mad at JT on this. Chair goes up, chair goes down, all day.

White Magic record has been on heavy rotation since my guy hit me with it last week. I don't think this has come out yet so no track names for you (enjoy track 12...). Sober hit me with this Aloe Blacc and the Boss Man tune. Gotta say, Boss Man is murder on this. Check the production, the bass is giving me a hard on (No Homo). Also got this True Affection track in the inbox, not to sure what to say about this one. You tell me. Obviously some snap shit for the art school scene. Interesting though, for less than obvious reasons... Had to throw some Cam in there on GP. Cam is the physical incarnation of everything we believe in at Centralbooking. Dallas really doesn't get it yet, and well, we're trying to change that.

Notorious tune is leading off this week cause, well, I made it, and I JUST GOT THE VINYL COPIES IN FROM XL FUCKING RECORDS THIS FRIDAY, AND IT'S BLOWING UP ON PITCHFORK, AND .... whoa, whoa,whoa.... this is gonna be it's own post. Big ups to No2self. We're fucking shining right now.


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that was definitely the spot! whole lotta lotta!

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