Saturday, November 18, 2006


Ok so you already know what we think about this but let's just put it out there anyways... Jay-Z just came out "guns blazing" against our guy Capo (AKA Jim Jones, AKA Kuffi Smacker, AKA The King of New York). "Brooklyn High", which showed up 3 times in my inbox this morning, is S dot rhyming over Capo's We Fly High joint, talking about how he still pops those things, he showed the dips how to play the game, Dame Dash is over with, etc... NOT very convincing, but after the constant lashing coming from the Dipset camp, Jay had to do SOMETHING... The only thing that makes this beef exciting is that Jim Jones really doesn't give a fuck. Jay's a CEO, Jones is a thug. Jay might want to look into overseas vacation plans.

Here's the Jay-Z track unedited... Jay-Z "Brooklyn High"

This is a mix with the Jim Jones and Santana verses to put it into perspective...
Jones is hilarious on this... Jim Jones & Juelz Santana "We Fly High (Beef Mix)"

On some "Centralbooking loves you" type shit, I went ahead and dug up this video of the Dips on tour in london. WOW........ I must have watched this twice a day for a week when I first found this. This is them going club to club in London, hitting the strip joints, Jones wilding out in the back seat, Tim Westwood driving them around from spot to spot. Cam even has a average "bitch" from the neighborhood riding with em, high heel timbos, etc. Watch this and then compare it to what Jay-Z is on nowadays and you'll get the picture. These dudes are from another planet. -Nate


Blogger AC/DmC said...

Jay-Z must not like the top of his head being intact.

ummm, Dipset bitch.

Oh and Select is a Dj.

8:55 PM  
Blogger The Gold Mine$ said...

They're on a whole different level, a beef is unnecessary,at Jay's level, the only person I may beef with is my accountant if she counts something wrong.


7:33 AM  

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