Wednesday, March 14, 2007

En La Calle 14: Black cards, good credit and such...

That time again, let's reup before everything gets live.

Tum Tum - Caprice Music (Remix Feat. E-40 & Rick Ross)
HOT OFF THE PRESSES! D-town yep yep, and you KNOW we rep that already bro. I mean really, what else do you need? Christmas comes late but March is now the new December so call up the only dude you know with a Caprice and hit the block.

Klaxons - Golden Skans (Erol Alkan's Ekstra Spektral Rework Extended)
So Klaxons are the champions of new rave, or whatever. Check their covers of classic electronic anthems, and speaking of covers they graced XLR8R a few issues back. One of their biggest hits remixed by Erol Alkan, who if you haven't heard of you NEED to check up on, his remixes/reworks/reedits are always on top of the game, named Mixmag's DJ of the Year for 2006.

4Hero - Mr Kirks Nightmare (DJ Ayres re-edit)
Classic hardcore track done up by Ayres for his new mix CD "The Rave" (check for more info), you mighta caught the intro drop on the Ayres & Titties mix CD. Bumping amen breaks and sirens to boot. Practically oozes rave nostalgia...

Collie Buddz - Come Around
This one got IM'd to me a couple months back, you should probably just search out the video for this joint on the world famous YouTube and get it over with. Long story short, this is a white kid from the islands that just landed a street heater in JA. Dude's story is crazy on a lot of levels. The tune???? Fuck off, it's gigantic. This has been Brooklyn fire for fucking months now. For some reason reggae takes awhile to get around the block outside of it's usual strong holds. Case in point, I was in San Juan last summer and some kid was steady rewinding Jamrock like 20 times. Son...

Rich Boy - Get To Poppin'(Remix feat. Pitbull)
Whoa...bang bang. I love it when I get to say i told you so. Rich Boy selling...If you read this thing on the regular I know goddamn well you were banging Throw Some D's in the whip WAAAY before Arlington High was singing along. Rich Boy is gunning big this year. Pitbull, who god only knows how the fuck this guy rose to the top. Culo!!!! Yo, that tune was not that good, even in Condado. But, Pitbull has been straight fire ever since. He's keeping the whole Latin rap thing afloat. Why is every beat a banger? Why does a Cuban from Miami sound good on it? Who cares. Rich Boy kills this, Pitbull kills it. This is another slap in the face to anybody who wants to say that commercial rap sucks. The beat is a hard rock flip on a South American classic called La Verdurga. Tons of corny versions of this original floating around. These guys flipped a proper one. Can't lie to you, this little Mexican bird put me on to the tune....Calle.

Ciara - Goodies (Richard X Remix Feat. MIA)
This dropped in like '04 I think? Whenever "Goodies" blew up, this one's off the UK CD single and is only finally getting spread on the 'net. SERIOUS SERIOUS business though, Richard X holds a lot of weight on the dancefloor and delivers a nice sorta Latin feel to the production with a bassline that's just too heavy. Maya wrecks the beat as expected putting this totally on blast for all the ladies. CLUB KILLER.

Natasha Ramos - So Sick (Feat. Clipse)
Oh yes. New fire right here. If she's to be believed, Natasha Ramos is a 17 year old R&B princess from New Jersey. Now I already warned you that I'd be coming hard with the Clipse tracks and that's exactly what's good, "I'm A Flirt" might be hot right now but Pusha & Malice are still gonna be' your girl in a week when that track is rinsed..."never met a bitch that's finer than me." Natasha's holds down an overpowering chorus basically just talking noise. Stripped down beat comes courtesy of Darkchild (you've heard his beats before, big money) some nice vocal drops and it goes hard, especially for the club. But please girls, no putting this on blast with your friends in your parents' whip on the way to Purgatory Thursday night.

Krames - Neva Eva Remix
Get on my level. Krames is a DJ out of Virginia Beach (here I go again), holding it down on some serious business. Dude's remixes are always top notch and is definitely on top of the Virginia DJ game. Check out or, and expect more on this dude...

Klever - Krypto Bounce
So if you've payed any attention at the Party last friday, you mighta picked up on this one. Our boy Klever comes correct here with a flip of the Purple All-Stars club anthem. Serious ATL business, juke snaps, roaring synthlines, and booty 808s, DO NOT miss the chance to catch him next time he's in town.

Lil' Peace - Get On The Dance Flo'
Yeah. First there was a "P.I.M.P.", then "Inside Peanut Butter Outside Jelly", and now we got this joint. Dallas' own Lil' Peace is next up with this joint, already on the radio so you better jump on it quick.

D.G. Yola - Ain't Gon' Let Up
A little gem dug up by Sober this past weekend from his journey to Atlanta. The chorus got BOUNCE, no word on production but the point here is STEEL DRUMS.. Grab this quick and be the first on the block to bang.

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