Saturday, June 16, 2007

Real Talk 7: It's A Family Thang

DJ Benzi & Lil' Wayne - None Higher
So in case you didn't get the first edition of We Got The Remix with Clipse (which is contender for the best mixtape ever), Benzi decided to break 'em off with the promo version of his new tape with Wayne. GET RIGHT. I've been hyped for this since the cover art started showing up on the internet. Serious remixes by anyone and everyone who should remix a Weezy F. track but probably would never get the chance. Personal favorite is the Catchdubs remix of "88 Shots(Shooter)" with Robin Thicke. Click the cover to check out Benzi's site for more info.

Lil' Wayne - I Feel Like Dying
Had to break ya'll off with another Wayne joint. The Carter 3 was supposed to drop this summer, but it looks like Wayne's gonna push it back until possibly next year. Considering dude's tape game is tighter than basically the rest of the industry combined, it's understandable. A few tracks from The Carter 3 sessions hit the 'net and this tune breaks my heart ya'll. Unbelievable. Production is so spaced out, with the sample hook that gets all emotional on you. Lil' Wyte basically killed the drug rap idea but Wayne comes back with an even more expansive rhyme with the classic delivery. Also makes a nice "morning after" jam.

Dizzee Rascal - Where's Da G's (feat. UGK)
New Raskit album "Maths + English" just dropped on the 6th, I still need a few more plays to decide overall but this is a guaranteed winner. Dizz & UGK? Please. It's over. Just hearing Pimp C rap over a grime beat is worth the price of admission. Dizzee rains it down on 'em, "You're no dealer/you're not ballin'/you just get yourself in debt"?! Track is hypeeeeee!

Mistah F.A.B. - Can't Wait (feat. Dogwood)
Take it to the West Coast real quick, The Baydestrian is gonna blow up, I'm tellin' ya'll. If you haven't seen the YouTube game get up real quick, it's so crazy. Dude's videos are my go-to for explaning the idea of ghostriding. Go 'till you're gone.

G-Mo - Family Thang
Keepin' it West Coast, caught G-Mo's album "Ballin' For Life" on BitTorrent the other day, brought back the G-Funk sound for me. Check the production, the sound is still undeniable. Stick this one right after "The Next Episode" in your playlist.



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