Thursday, February 28, 2008

Prince Will may be a Tax Write off...
Let's give.

Tonight's the big night in Dallas TX. Our good friend Prince Will recently got his entire studio "moved" to an unsecure location in a unknown neighborood, by unknown people... AKA Robbed. D-town is coming together tonight to raise some money for our guy and hopefully start getting him back on his feet after what amonts to a $30,000 loss... Yeah yall. Very real. They took Macs, Mac Book Pros's, studio gear, rare comic books, Sprinkles gift certificates, and a collection of size 18 Bapes that, well you know, you just don't find those at like Foot Locker.

All jokes aside, Prince Will really lost alot and we're all trying to help him recover. The Benefit Party is tonight at The Doublewide AND we just set up a Paypal email for him so if you're not able to make it out tonight you can just chip him a couple dollars off the debit card. And as if that we're enough, there will be a little donation jar at the spot tonight incase ya feel like putting a cherry on top. Let's get right Dallas.

Paypal donations can be left at ...

Benefit Show is tonight @ Doublewide.
3510 Commerce St. // Dallas TX
Features DJ Sets and Performances from
Big J
It's What You Get
Faux Fox
Hawatha Hurd
Keith P



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