Monday, March 17, 2008

CB at SXSW: Wii En La Calle!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok kids, not for nothing, but we really kinda did the thing this year... Texas Rangers Party shirts?!?!?!!!! Flipped up with Nolan Ryan and Complete?!?! Son... M.O.N.E.Y.... Rodney D stickers had em twisted, The Vol. 7 mixtape was deep in the street, Remixalone stickers AND 5 color shirts all over town (got the Perez Hilton cosignature on that one too!?!?!) Then you top it off with the Central Booking showcase on Saturday?!? THAT'S TOO MUCH HEAT!!!!! That's not even mentioning the early thing on Wednesday with Gorilla Vs Bear... Central Booking was DEEP at SXSW!!!

Thanks to GVB for putting us on Wednesday's bill longside The Cool Kids, Holy Fuck, White Denim, Ghosthustler, El Guincho, White Williams, and Bodies of Water. Gotta say that Ghosthustler really came out as the show stealer, but only after a real mexican stand off with the suprisingly tough talking White Denim. Both groups were very real about their particular killing styles. It was our first time to see White Denim, and they really left an impression.

Another big thanks goes to Zaul and all of our people at Complete Clothing. The new The Party / Complete Clothing "Nolan Ryan" shirt is real talk. If your ass got left in Austin you can still pick one up at Complete, but we suggest that you start making your way up there right now, "cause them shits is HOT SON!!!!!". We'll have em online in the next couple, so hold tight for that. Big Big Big.

BLK JKS went ahead and made up for the Dallas no show by MURDERING our Saturday afternoon showcase at Whiskey. If you missed this, you we're probably in line with the rest of Dallas' dick riders trying to get into the FADER fort. To bad you missed em twice. Shout's to Knox at Wabenzi mgmt and to Kayla at The Fader for helping us make BLK JKS part of the CB line up. 77Klash in the building!!! Alice in Wonderland in the building!!! These guys are about to set this rock shit ablaze once again. Trust. Your cover boys rocked the thing longside Devlin of BBC/Spankrock/Fully Fitted, who more than put it down for the heads at Whiskey. Thanks again man!! San Serac pretty much put the competition to bed with a "what the fuck" type flawless performance that really set the bar well out of reach for anyone who wants to do some, "you know, live pa, keyboards, dance music, 80's" sort of thing. We really can't say enough good things about San Serac and his live performance. He's a total professional, doesn't miss a beat, works himself into a sweaty fucking mess by the end of the set, and pretty much makes a fan out of everyone in the audience. How can you beat that?!? Seriously. Curtis Vodka in the house to see him, Shout Out Out Out Outs in the building. Nat, you are amazing!!!! One of the best performers out there right now. We'll put our money on that. QM?!?! Queen Majesty will forever be at the top of our must see list and her set at Saturdays party was no exception. Sound the big ting!!!! Erica had it on kill. QM gave em bout an hour of the Gully Side and then after all that madness and badness, Ghosthustler took the stage and did it real rock star like. Intros, feedback, restarts, lights on shit. The whole sloppy teenage sing along thing.

The Fotos is here...


We'll have the SXSW mixtape uploaded and ready for download later this week, along with links for the Nolan Ryan and Remixalone "The Party" shirts, AND info on how to get your hands on the CB001 pressing of Ghosthustler's limited 10" vinyl record. It's hand stamped, Brooklyn pressing, Alan toyed with it... Get ready Texas, you're about to be officially cool again.



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tracklists or gtfo

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Blogger chris said...

Been waiting for that Ghosthustler 10". Hook it up.

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