Saturday, March 08, 2008

Na Na Na Na!!! DJ Morsy!

YOOOOOO. It's ya main man Select, and we are here with the 1 and only "DJ MORSY". This dude is living in BK NY and killing the remix tip. I played with him and Sujihno this past CMJ time during the fall. Shit was stupid fun out in Brooklyn, I forget where we were exactly, but shit was poppin! But yo, NANACHILL.COM is his site where you can peep some of his new shit and parties. This dude has been traveling like crazy lately. Big ups to Morsy for having me at his spot one night when I got locked out of Elmhurst Queens spot with my dude Thon. Check him out for sure tonight at The Loft. This is going to be crazy!!!!!

Who are you and where you livin?
The na na na names Morsy and I'm livin' it up in Brooklyn, NY.

What do have going on right now? (parties,mixtapes, etc)
Right now things have gonna nutty. As soon as 08' happened, I got booked for a bunch of gigs and it has been non stop ever since. As far as parties, I'm still doing my Good Foot Monthly as well as a new joint of mine called Crooked Disco which as been crazy so far...

How long have you been in the game?
I been DJ'in for about 6 or 7 years now & throwing parties for about 2 or 3. Time goes so freakin' fast homie!

You have crazy re edits and I know you are always on your tracks what are some early influences?
Some of my biggest influences are DFA, Jesse Rose, Switch, Krazy Fiesta, Fort Knox Five & especially James Brown!

I've seen you all around the globe it seems like? Europe to L.A. you on it, how has all this traveling been?
The traveling is really good for me. I feel as if every trip is making me stronger as a DJ and a human being. Going to Europe was probably the biggest change in my life and now I cant stop seeing more of this huge as World we have...

"Nanachill" is your crew whats good with you and Dayta your partner in crime? Plans for this year? Me and Dayta are doing our thang. Hes holding down TX while I hold it up in NY. Our plans for 08' are to bust out new mixes, more live DJ sets togeather and doing another tour. Hopefully a European tour...

When I was up in New York last fall with you shit was crazy, tell me how is everything today? Today shit is still crazy in NY, holding down a party and DJing as much as you can just to make enough for rent is tough. But I always make sure to hustle non stop to make ends meat. Next time you guys are in NYC, well make sure we do a big ass party banger!

Shout outs?!?!?!?!?!?! Yell outs!?!?!?!??!?
Theres way to many people to shout out, ha this list would go on and on cause I love everybody...

Where can we get your music at kid?!?!?!?
All that goody goody shake your boodi' stuff can be heard on or Be sure to check us real soon for the latest tunes to bang out with...Holla!!!!!!!!!

Here's a couple Central Booking Exclusives your boy Morsy hooked us up with. Get ya click click together and then see us at The Loft tonight...

DJ Morsy Mixtape :: Crash the MotherF*kin' mix

DJ Morsy Spankrock Blend :: Spankrock x Whomadewho - Shake That (Morsy Mix)

DJ Morsy Wes Fif Blend :: Wes Fif & B.O.B - Haterz Everywhere (Morsy Mix)



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