Monday, April 07, 2008

We got them Mars Volta tickets!!!

Right off the bat, we got 4 sets of tickets to give away for 2morrow's Mars Volta show at The Palladium. If you want 'em, email us right now at and include the words "Mars Volta" in the subject. Photo attachments, ridiculous claims, clever one liners, and the word "please" have been known to increase your chances of winning...

Truthfully, if you haven't seen The Mars Volta live you need to go ahead and treat yourself this Tuesday. Live on stage, these guys are unstoppable. It's really one of the only groups left that are worth paying double digits to see. Last time I saw them was in some stadium in Jersery and I had the worst seats in the house. The show??? OFF THE FUCKING CHAIN!!! We were spilling beers on the guys in front of us, jumping out of our seats every 5 seconds. 10 min drum solos, 8 min guitar feedback sessions, REAL ROCK N' ROLL SHIT!!! Really gotta say it like it is, cause these guys flat out deserve every bit of praise that they get. Unreal show, star power, musicianship, showman ship, everything u don't get in todays "buzz indie whatever" bands.

The Mars Volta play 2 morrow at The Palladium. Compra tus boletas Aqui. AFTER PARTY IS AT THE LOFT, SPREAD THE WORD!!!!

Jesus Christ!!!!



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