Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bounce Rock Skateland

Flat out, not to jock our own party or nothing, but the Central Booking Saturday Night Skate Jam is holding party of the year status right now. It's a fact. If you were there, AND ALOT OF YOU WEREN'T (and were crying like little babies the next day when you found out it was hot, that's right, babies), but if you were, THEN YOU KNOW FIRST FUCKING HAND THAT IT WAS HOT TO DEATH!!!! The night was absolutely amazing. Everything really came together for this one. Thank you to each and every person who came out and kicked it with us. DALLAS IS ON FIRE RIGHT NOW!!! Extra special shouts to the Dallas Class Presidents RolanDro, Laura Leg, King Castro, Triffling, Rachel Davis, Rita Miranda, Five Stacks, Krunkstina, Shiny, Janet, and Upper Echelon.

Check the photos here....


and a little Observer look... Dallas Observer Blog

Quick onsite as well... Dallas Quick Blog

Nuff Respest due to Lissa Monét, Tommy Boy and crew, Gil and the Skate Land Crew, Picnic, Red Bull, Sour Grapes Family, and our onsite injury winner Crayton. Take care of that arm fam!!!!! We got Zubar this Friday with our dudes from Cultura Fina, and Houston on Saturday. The GEMINI Party at Boondocks. Un cumpleaños gigante con EV, Katrina, Dayta, y Sober!!! Get on our level.



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