Sunday, June 29, 2008

El Mega Weekend: 2 year y Houston!!!

Whoa. Really really reeeeeally... This weekend right here.... This one was on SMASH!! Two nights of back to back murder!! Fridays Anniversary party was the REAL DEAL. I stepped out of my house at like 9:30 and I could see the search light from Zubar like ten blocks away!! I was like YO!! That's OUR shit right there!! Thanks so much to everyone who came out to celebrate with us. Yall came out looking HOT! It was such a lovely night. Your red carpet looks were sooo flllyyyy! We had Houston heads in the spot, Austin was in the building, and Dallas was DEFINITELY in the building!!!

Thanks so much to everyone for coming out and thanks for rocking with us these past 2 years. Dallas got it poppin!!! Gotta send an extra special thanks to Lesley, Hunter and Rob from The Quick, they really did us proper with the weekend cover shot and a full page story. That's an INSANE look. INSANE. Thank you. Definitely want to thank Krissi at the Observer for reaching out to us as well. We had fun talking slow jams with you!! Holla at Sober for that second instalment!!! Gotta thank Picnic for being the host with the most, Tyrone and Brent for nicing up that back room, and you know we gotta send a special thank you to our guy Chuck from Red Stripe who really made it happen for us on Friday, and all week for that matter, helping us get ready for this thing. We appreciate you man! Rita Miranda, RolanDro, Laura Leg, Rachael Davis, Carmina and Juan Pancho are making this city tick.

The Anniversary photos are up and running. G-Squared and Kiddrae got you looking real real Hollywood.
Check the flicks here..



Now... Houston... Houston tried to shake it to the ground FOR REAL on Saturday. I mean actually shake the second floor so it falls and lands on the first floor. Houston was all the way live!! Each party gets better and better and this one was no exception. I heard Johnny Moon nominated this one for "best The Party yet" and I think I'm gonna have to go with him on that. Boondocks was mega fucking poppin. Gotta say thanks to our 2 nights in a row crew, EV, Mel Boogie, Johnny Moon and Trent. They drove to Dallas to wild out on Friday at Zu and then turned around and made it back to H-Town for The Party at Boondocks. WE LOVE YOU. Shouts or our man Joe from Premium, gotta say what's up to Alia, Rachel, Gracie Chavez in the place to be and the one called Squincy Jones!!

We will have a Houston link up soon...



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