Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Collective Story

I'm sure you have noticed the Collective logo at the bottom of some of our event flyers. Collective is a skateboard shop run by our good friends, Chris Goulet and Andy Ohlin. Tomorrow we will be celebrating their one year anniversary in conjunction with The Party at Zubar. Collective has hooked up giveaways from Chocolate, 4star, Vans and there will be Red Stripe specials all night. Get there early and avoid the's going to be packed for sure! Below are a few questions that Andy and Chris took the time to answer. Get familiar. Oh yeah, go check out the shop!

How and when did you guys meet?
A He needed a ride home and when he got in the car I was playing Mobb Deep "Hell on Earth" and he asked me if I had heard the new Mobb Deep CD. I really thought he was retarded for two years after that. He also was wearing Wu-Tang Jeans if that tells you anything.

C I met Andy at The Foundation or Slab depending on where your from it was on 121 & Harwood in Bedford. He inward heeled up this gap there in his Etnies Raps and then sold me a 101 board.

I remember seeing both of you hazing little kids at Freestyle back in the day. How long have you been skating and or making fun of the less fortunate?
A I will have been skating for 20 years in November. I got a Vision Gator a week before I turned 11. I think It started the day we met. He pushed mongo and you know that shit can't go unpunished. He has followed my lead ever since.

C I started skating in '94 and I have always been a sarcastic little prick. I was at Freestyle multiple times a week for years, (during the golden era of freestyle). I think I made fun of everyone who went there at least once. I have so many good stories from there.

Obviously the shop has been around for 1 year. How long was the idea for the shop brewing? What was your goal with the shop?
A I had 3 goals:
1. Make it close to a bar.
2. Hire dirty skanks.
3. Have a safe place to do blow.

C I know Andy has always been running a shop (out of his trunk), but for me it really started brewing about 4 years ago, but I have to say, it was more of a frost brewing though.

The goals were get it open, keep it open and support skateboarding first and foremost.

How do you feel about the DFW skate scene? I see alot of younger kids hitting you guys up. Is skateboarding growing at a faster rate than ever before?
A DFW has always been the most hating scene ever and It always will be. This has been the case long before most people started skating. Look at all the shitbags from here, myself incuded. This place is awesome!

C We have a strong skate scene here, most of the kids have fun, film and have a good handle on what real skateboarding is. The ProActive side of skateboarding here is really blowing up.

I know you guys have a skate team...who are the local rippers putting it down?
A Fuck, I didn't even know we had a team. I am just in this for the money.

C In Dallas we have: Zack Ater, Mark Desouza, Michael Tang, Kennedy Cantrell, Kenny Hampton, Sean Reyna.

And Houston we got:
Robert Lim (NY via H-town), Guru Khalsa, Erik Ostos, Ivan Lavigne and Eric Croft

Then we have Mefford, Hodge & Schorman.

I also know you guys are music heads. Give me five tracks you are bumping, new or old.
Return of the Mack - Mark Morrison
That entire mix CD you made for me is awesome.
The Aunt Jerichos - Fresh Kiss goodbye smell
Lightning Chair - Metal Savage Burgers
DJ Bassett Hound - Skittles Bite Back
Track 7 by The Furious 5 year olds

The Game - 300 Bars & Running
Prodigy - Illuminati
Willie Nelson - Pancho and Lefty
Prodigy - Mac 10 Handle
Mobb Deep - We Dont Love Em

last but not least. Any shout outs, rants, raves, beefs, skate tips?
A Shout out to T-Jack, MD, Lactose and give one out for the old Gipper. Last but not least...Megathon I love you. Oh one more...Geogia O'keefe the founder of Pepsi Cola, forever in my heart.

C Thanks to all our supporters and future supporters. Thanks to our haters who only prove we are making a positive impact. And last but not least, Investigate 9/11.

Above is a special ad that I personally created for Collective. Enjoy!



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